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The 1906 earthquake destroyed all eight of downtown San Francisco' s theaters, and this one, a neoclassical stunner, stepped up to the plate a year later.

Today it' s inextricably linked with its eponymous repertory company, known for award- winning . . .

Here' s a classic way to join in the Castro community: grab some popcorn and catch a flick at this gorgeous, 1, 500- seat art- deco theater; opened in 1922, it' s the grandest of San Francisco' s few remaining movie palaces.

The neon marquee, which stands at the . . . Mostly a place for the community to gather for calligraphy and Mandarin classes, the center also houses a gallery with occasionally interesting temporary exhibits by Chinese and Chinese- American artists.

Heritage walks ( $ 18; make reservations a day ahead) . . .

Originally a depot for the shipment of supplies to the Pacific during World War II, the fort was converted into a cultural center in 1977. Here you can find the vegetarian restaurant Greens and shops, galleries, and performance spaces, most of which are . . .

Fascinating and futuristic looking, this 2, 750- seat hall is the home of the San Francisco Symphony. The glass wraparound lobby and pop- out balcony high on the southeast corner are visible from outside, as is the Henry Moore bronze sculpture that sits on . . . Erected by Freemasons in 1957, the hall is familiar to locals mostly as a concert and lecture venue, where such notables as Van Morrison and Al Gore have appeared.

The recent Dan Brown- led spate of interest in the Masons and other secret fraternities . . .

Founded by muralists, this nonprofit arts organization designs and creates murals. The artists themselves lead informative guided walks of murals in the area. Most tours start with a 45- minute slide presentation.

The bike and walking trips, which take . . . During San Francisco' s Barbary Coast days, operagoers smoked cigars, didn' t check their revolvers, and expressed their appreciation with " shrill whistles and savage yells, " as one observer put it.

All the old opera houses were destroyed in the 1906 quake, . . . Performing- and visual- arts organizations occupy much of this 1930s structure. ( PHONE: 415/ 392- 4400) hosts classical ensembles, dance performances, and City Arts and Lectures events. Past City Arts speakers have included author Salman Rushdie and comedian . . . If MOMA' s for your parents, the Center is for you. You never know what' s going to be on at this facility in the Yerba Buena Gardens, but whether it' s an exhibit of Mexican street graphics ( graffiti to laypeople) , innovative modern dance, or baffling video . . .

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