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25. 01. 09 / Antholz - At the World Cup dress rehearsal stormed Christoph Stephan for the first World Cup victory, Kati Wilhelm flies as World Cup runner- up to South Korea. Magdalena Neuner other hand, had three weeks before the Biathlon World Cup, the most bitter defeat of their young career.

At the World Cup dress rehearsal Christoph Stephan rushed to the first World Cup victory, Kati Wilhelm flies as World Cup runner- up to South Korea. Magdalena Neuner other hand, had three weeks to process before the Biathlon World Cup, the most bitter defeat of their young careers, and cried on the way home. At the last World Cup race before the championships from 14 February Pyeongchang had the 23- year- old Oberhofer almost sensationally won the 15 kilometer mass start at the World Cup in Antholz and 51 so that national coach Frank Ullrich a day after the A subsequent birthday gift prepared. " Not only, he also has his promise from last year exceeded when he announced to me in Hochfilzen the first podium finish for this year, " Ullrich cheered and had tears of joy in his eyes.

The three- time junior world champion Christoph Stephan, who is described by Oberhofer his trainer Mark Kirchner " almost unstoppable fighter on the final lap" level, down in a photo finish Dominik Landertinger.

He fell two tenths of the Austrians to the finish. " Makes it on the home straight in front of me any more, " then said the tattooed model athlete. " I knew that when I sprint well this am. " Then he pushed in front of the television audience of millions, after a thank you to the coach. " He did a great job, has always believed in us and not let down, as in the spring of the discussions about him was, " he explained and said goodbye because he was cold.

Two hours earlier, the 21- year- old six- time world champion nine at the last shooting as opposed to their tangible Stephan near 14th World Cup- day victory away. " I do not understand, " was the only reaction of Nine, whose other merriment was blown away. In glorious weather in the mass start race over 12. 5 miles in Antholz was " gold- Lena" apparently contrary to a safe area- to- wire victory before it failed after three error- free shootings at the fourth time all five targets and dropped back to seventh.

Then she disappeared down and without a word until the dressing tent in the South Arena.

With a petrified expression she stood at the presentation ceremony to endure, and trudged through her tears into the team hotel. Even coach Uwe idleness could hardly believe Neuner mishap. " Im so sorry for Lena. This is bitter for them. Four of the five errors were very scarce.

If the first disk fallen, they would have won, " he assesses. It had the " defector" in height of 1600 meters in the first three shootings, the evidence of idleness almost perfectly realized, after the Saturday after the 10th had filed for court in pursuit of fatigue in the head. When starting the shooting, she took out a little pace and stood up to the debacle at the last stop toward more compact. The days victory was so hard at the Biathlon with a total of 62 000 spectators during the four days of Russias World Cup front runner Yekaterina Jurjewa before Helena Jonsson ( Sweden / + 28. 2) and Mkrinen ( Finland / + 28.

2) in the womb. The Zella- Mehlis " Little Red Riding Hood" Wilhelm subject as on Saturday in the persecution of the Finn in the finish sprint, and was 28.

2 seconds behind in fourth. Andrea Henkel ( Grobreitenbach) went off in sixth with 36. 8 seconds behind the pants to the finish. Kati Wilhelm, who was criminal according to the four rounds in prone seemingly hopeless back tanked, before the dream backdrop of the giant group also places 3, 4 and 5 self- confidence. " Im after three arduous weeks, not longer so fresh.

But Im not given up and dominated in the sprint and Olympic champion Anna Carin Olofsson still have, increasing self- awareness, " she exulted. " The form structure is correct, now you go to the World Cup preparations at home in Ruhpolding even more peakedness, " said William in the World Cup birth Antholz. By Uwe Jentzsch, dpa

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Guided tour / tour 28. 05.

11 / You always wanted to be on top? Listen to our competent and Gstefhrerinnen Gstefhrern when narrator in an entertaining way, the facts, data, and everything about the history of the Olympic stadium and ski jumping. The fantastic view from the ski jump tower, which is usually reserved only for athletes - gibts included! Source: Tourist- Information Garmisch- Partenkirchen ( by

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13: 05: 11 / Munich - An unidentified man has a six year old girl forced in the English garden, to touch his penis. The child was so intimidated that it was only after two weeks, reported the incident. The girl had been playing on the playground near the Chinese Tower. There, they spoke of a previously unknown man.

He called on the six- year- old, to help him " Pipimachen. This should be the girl to touch his penis.

The six- year- old was first in what the man wanted, but then ran like this. The mother and other friends stayed at this time in the beer garden at the Chinese Tower. The incident took place on 25 April between 15. 30 und 20 clock.

Two weeks later confided the child to someone and told them about the incident. The girl described the perpetrator as a man with dark blond, long neck, back combed hair and blue eyes.

He was wearing a flashy, multi- link earrings, whose final link in the middle and edged striped blue / red. Time of the crime he was wearing a blue T- shirt, gray pants and black shoes.

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5: 01: 11 / Munich - Last but not least, demonstrates the water Landstrasse, an important input and arterial road east of Munich, with 84 collisions on the 10th and last place of the black spots of the city. It is also one of the three roads which are also among the ten most popular sites for mobile speed cameras.

There the water Landstrae occupied with 210 inspections per year, even second place.

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4: 05: 10 / Air and pleasant strolls away two hours from Los Angeles - choose the reasons for stars like Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe the sleepy little town to its retreat from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

And many seniors followed them.

Today Palm Springs is fighting the image of pensioners.

How young visitors will be attracted here, our reporter found out Altschffl Tobias ( 23 years young) .

The crowd in the Plaza Theatre is raging. Scantily clad ladies dancing on the stage, the audience whistles and hoots, the charismatic impresario Riff Markowitz makes lewd Splein with the ladies in the audience. It s like on the Reeperbahn.

But: We are located in California at the Palm Springs Follies, a group of dancers aged 56- 86 - and the average age of the pleasure- loving crowd in the hall should also clearly be beyond the retirement age. Sights: How well do you know the world? Welcome to the beautiful old home of the world! enjoys this dubious title Palm Springs, which lies east of Los Angeles in a palm oasis between ( partially snow- covered) mountains and the Mojave Desert. A city in retirement? Boredom instead of love of life?

Palm Springs wants to get away from the Oldie image. " Were known as a place for retirees. But we have new hotels, restaurants, hip designer on site, " promotes Hillary Angel, PR manager of the tourism office. " The Palm Springs makes it an attractive place for young audiences. " First, does the sentence as a farce.

For from all over America are the spry seniors streamed to see the local Follies.

The dance and entertainment show with vital, not only naturally- jung remaining actresses, is the main attraction of the city. The streets in Palm Springs are now full of pensioners.

Only a snapshot?

Can you here as a 23- year- old fun?

The search begins. The impression at the first walk through the city: a nice little town where everything runs a bit more leisurely. And, yes, many seniors are on the road.

Or does only because the image of Americas nursing homes in the head?

A look at the statistics to help: 26. 2 percent of residents are Palm Springs 65 years of age or older.

By the numbers ago, the senior does not distinguish between large proportion of which in good old Germany. Another fact: Palm Springs is progressive expresses liberal. The city is considered homosexual stronghold in America, is the second gay mayor ruled in succession. Otherwise dominate nature and palm trees, there are no skyscrapers - which is legally defined so that no one is blocked the view of the beautiful mountains will - and not even a Mc. Donalds.

But hundreds of wind turbines in the vicinity, that much of the energy for the city itself is generated.

Palm Springs is all about pure nature. And Palm Springs is for sunshine. Continuously. At 350 days a year, it is never colder than 20 degrees. In addition, the palm paradise, a golf mecca with over 130 first- class seats.

For younger visitors, but not the central criterion. Since the 1930s it became a retreat for the stars, the mid- 20th Century experienced a flowering Palm Springs.

The reason: Many actors have contracts with Hollywood studios, which allowed not further away than two hours to stop from Los Angeles - the sunny, pristine Palm Springs was as perfect.

Stars like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra celebrated their parties in Palm Springs, still some of the things Jennifer Lopez, Liz Taylor and Goldie Hawn living there.

Curiously, is the best nightlife tip: At night stay in the hotels! As Palm Springs has to offer something that is: So, for example, play the Ace Hotel fire- places for get- sitting and guitar. And at the Riviera Resort and Spa meet the same age ( by) travelers from around the world - guaranteed high life. " Were all about to attract a young audience. We wish them a loungy atmosphere, recreation in nature, simply offer the ultimate in relaxation, " says Hillary Angel. One thing is certain: pure relaxation and nature provides Palm Springs.

Whether a jeep tour in the Mojave desert, a trip to the Joshua Tree National Park, or a cable car ride on the Aerial Tramway, " Disneyland, or how all the theme parks are called, is only artificial. Here come from families that speak to each other. Suddenly, the phones are no longer important, " says tour guide Heidi, " here we talk to each other, discovered other values. " And that is current for young and old.

DESTINATION Palm Springs is the Coachella Valley in Riverside County, California, about 180 miles east of Los Angeles. Here live some 45 000 people in winter 75 000 GETTING THERE From Munich, United Airlines and Lufthansa offer flights to Palm Springs with change in San Francisco starting from 700 euros. ACCOMMODATION The Riviera Resort and Spa is a modern hotel, built in the style of the 70s, with a huge pool with fireplaces and Hollywood swings, mixed audience and the evening party in the lobby. The double rooms are there from 209 dollars ( about 155 ) . Tel 001/ 760 / 327 83 11, Internet: www. .

FOOD If you want to go in downtown Palm Springs eat smart, it can be tasted in the Kaiser Grille 205 South Palm Canyon Drive.

The restaurant offers delicious American cuisine prepared as well as pizzas and salads at reasonable prices ( sandwich / burger at $ 9. 95 / 7. 40, dinner from 25 US- Dollar/ 18, 50 ) . Tel 001/ 760/ 323 10 03, ACTIVITIES After a ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, which can be 3285 meters long rotating cable car in the world, one of the 2596 meter high mountain station on Mount San Jacinto enjoy a magnificent view. Price: 22.

95 U.

S. dollars ( around 17 ) .

Tel 001/ 760/ 325 13 91, Internet: www. . Palm Springs Modernism offers a half- hour architectural tours to houses in the Mid- Century style. Price: U.

S. $ 75 ( around 56 ) , info at psmoderntours@ aol. com or Tel 001/ 760/ 318 61 18th The golf courses are all impressive in a state. Over 130 courses invite you to tee off and putting a - as a coach are former professionals.

TRAVEL TIME Everything except the summer, then the desert oasis offers a really pleasant climate. In July and August can be hot during the day about 40 degrees.

P REISETY The city is the counterpart to modern American city. At parties and events for young people more and more emphasis is placed, nature lovers will find paradise in Palm Springs. Who will typically American - with shopping malls, fast food and Stars and Stripes - must be in the desert oasis for rather longer look.

INFO Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism, Tel 001/ 760/ 778 84 18, Internet: www. visitpalmsprings. com. Or about BZ.


H, Gutleutstrae 16a, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, E- mail: info@ palm- springs. de, Internet: www. .

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27. 10. 10 / Benediktbeuern - The Costume Information Centre ( TIC) in the monastery Benediktbeuern is ten years old this year. A review of the development of the district of Upper Bavaria worn device. It all began 27 years ago.

Since the 16- year- old boarding school student Alexander Wandinger wandered from house to house and collected old photos with people in costume, and old clothes. " I was just curious what it has to dress up. " Wandinger packed his treasures in a backpack and set it on the way to the Bavarian association for home care. The then deputy chairman Stefan Hirsch encouraged the young man to carry on. This could be Wandinger told twice and filled his backpack Again and again.

The findings soon piled to the ceiling in the former villa of the director district hospital. The costume jam brought the district of Upper Bavaria in Zugzwang: In May 2000, the heels information center in the former stables of the Maierhof was opened. " Had a pig, " said Wandinger today. " Collections are often more or less curious coincidences, " said Stefan Hirsch, as he recalled a decade ago in TIC opening on wall ingers backpack- field research.

Because elk did not know that he would move four years later as Upper Bavarian home caregivers with the technical advisory body of the district also in the Maierhof. " The two institutions complement perfectly, " said Wandinger. The ten- year review of the costumes Information Centre can be proud of. Two great books, exhibitions and an ever- growing textile collection. The many thousands, neatly archived clothes are loud Wandinger " our heart" . They are less museum objects rather than samples to dressmakers and costume parties that are interested to learn in the garb of our ancestors.

They also bought all the material collected by Alexander Wandinger book " dress is fashion. " It has long been a standard work, because " there is nothing comparable in the direction, " said Wandinger. Demands for the work " come from all over the world - from Rosenheim, Cologne, and even Tokyo. Meanwhile, the information center wrote the book in the black dress. The second edition is in preparation. The " Book of the belt" is another unique reference work is created.

The costume center is copied many times, according Wandinger. " But as we have raised the issue that remains unique. " ( Ao)

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Quote: " Animals are creatures creatures within ecosystems even more. . . " = = > Even the man is a creature within that ecosystems. That does not justify a long time that a man is an animal of lower Beweggrnden UNNECESSARY qult or spilled. Quote: " Before the Law, these things for good reason. . " = = > I know the laws here are not, unfortunately, your statement still in doubt but, because: In law, there is the offense of " Tierqulerei. When an animal wre one thing, the law probably Gravity Grave " Sachqulerei" o. . .

Helen Quote: " .

Of course it is not our right to qulen animals but the animal medical definition of torture is hchst different, because hardly be scientifically proven in the form, so pure speculation. " = = > This statement alone shows that you are a sociopath! I need no scientifically verifiable definition of Tierqulerei when an animal screams and moans of sheer agony!

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10: 05: 11 / District - equal day one of the 2011 census brought a lot of open questions from the county citizens. Here is a selection of them. " Do I have to give information? " Yes. All respondents are subject to a duty to provide information.

In case of refusal threatens 250 Euro penalty to be imposed again at each new refusal. Only the answer to the question of the confession is voluntary. Wrong data can cost up to 5000 fine. " Do I have the census in the apartment? " No, anyone can answer the questions at the front door.

Those who do not also want to can let themselves to the Fagebogen and then send completed within two weeks by mail to the collection agency in the district office.

The interviewers have a " badge of collection officer" with the Census 2011 logo here.

You should not miss the important point to someone not to go to the glue that will only handle doorstep. " What information should I reveal? " The questions include personal resume and Bildunssituation. The housing conditions are analyzed. The interviewers want to know how to live as the subjects, as their house or apartment is equipped or how many people live in their household. An interview will take about 25 minutes.

Then he will leave a card with a suggestion. ml

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