30 day news past History Optimistic, pathoanatomical, interesting






30 day news past

History Optimistic, pathoanatomical 1. According to the autopsy, the patient died just like that. Sick of the autopsy refused.

The attempt failed opening Achilles. The morgue staff was not an autopsy conducted reanimator. Satisfactory condition of the dead, he is getting better. Autopsy conducted a butcher, he said, the body died from lack of internal organs. After the death of a pathologist has revealed himself.

Autopsy conducted psychologist. " What reclusive and closed body, " - he complained. , - " But for ten sessions, I will return it to the bosom of society. " 8.

During the autopsy said: " Doctor, this is very serious? " 9. In Arsenyevskaya morgue was caught corpse that delivers on the Non- Ferrous aluminum tag with fingers colleagues. Sentenced to early autopsy. 10.

From the police department received the corpse of a citizen AN 42- years. As shown by the autopsy, a citizen of a congenital bone fractures of the many and renal repulsed. 11. In the morgue in N. accidentally brought a pig carcass. When the mistake was noticed, already fully zafarmalineny corpse was sold to a museum in Chicago titled " hoofed megamutant from Russia" 12.

The park was found corpse of a man about 20 years. According to the testimony, located near groups of young people, he was a dead body from birth, and there is always lying. 13. In the morgue, the corpse of a student enrolled Arseniev, suddenly died at the lecture.

As shown by the autopsy - the student was sleeping. 14. Attempt autopsy plumbing Uncle Vasya failed - scalpel hopelessly tied up in jacket.

15. To determine the cause of death attempt autopsy citizen AN found in the forest belt. Attempt pro 2alilas, scalpel completely zatuplivaetsya of ax protruding from the chest of the corpse. 16. The coroner refused to reveal who was hanged, claiming that " the body rotates.

17. Pathologist NV of the dispute laid bare the bodies from the clavicle to the groin favorite epadonom. 18. Blood Maniac City NV pathologist was Razdelayko.

He was warmly condemned colleagues: " As you can immediately open, wow, and others allow themselves to show" - he swore surgeon Rezun. 19. In the morgue in H ^ ( America) was taken strange wriggling corpse. The bell in the morgue with the question: " What is it? " - Correspondents got an odd answer, - We need your brain. 20.

When asked why he chose this profession, Pathologist Parabiraev replied: " Yes well, I like the doctor, and clients are quiet, and no complaints. " 21. Pathologist Petrov collected body of a man falling from the 25th floor in a neat pile with a shovel and then opened. 22.

One pathologist Petrov, sitting at home watching television, thinking, and opened the cat.

23. The morning after the day hangover pathologist colleagues were surprised to find that at night they managed to uncover all the bodies, guards and police patrol. And that they have not yet reached the morgue.

24. Sometimes the pathologist Pidorchuk liked to go to a restaurant. There he always ordered a large lobster, got favorite scalpel, and a long and difficult it is opened. After that, the lack of armor on the patients always aroused in him waking up refreshed. 25.

Under the Chernobyl found a strange creature that looks do not in any way. At autopsy pathologist Petrov suffered, but he was brought in completely comfortable madhouse and now it feels good.

26. When the pathologist Zhadenkov saw very fat people, he approached them and reproachfully said: " Thats what Im going to reveal you? In you as a scalpel bogged down. " People were very nelovkol, they apologized for a long time and then sat on a diet. 27.

And they say that the night goes on SIDS horror Pathologists - Black Surgeon. He knit the autopsy as they were, and pathologists have to redo all the morning. 28. When the pathologist Petrov had nightmares, he always got up and revealed the pair of corpses, and the soul again became calm and cheerful.

And when his neighbors were getting, he dissected the corpse neighbor, and the quieter it became, not only in the soul, but also on the landing.

29. Autopsy stale corpse, in whose stomach was a container of cocaine, container was damaged. Smell this wonderful body came from all over the city morgue. 30. Autopsy known pickpocket named pianist, never took place.

When approaching the corpse, the staff disappeared tools and personal belongings. 31. Somehow forgetting, a pathologist Petrov opened the pie with liver and organs have been collected. 32. Former pathologist Ivanov went to the surgeons.

He was a brilliant doctor, but always on the operation carried a specially trained nurse, who from time to time, recalls: " Before opening the corpse was alive! " 33. At autopsy the body stirred and sleepily asked to remove the appendix is extremely accurate.

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fox 2 news in st. louis

When waking up at night, youll see that the window you climbed a thief, help him get back with Lomica, or an ax. Glass Eye, inserted through the peephole, scare of your apartment any thief. Leaving children alone in the house, and teach them all the calls to answer: " Dad and Mom are busy. They are clean and lubricate gun. " 4.

When the thugs start breaking the door, at the same time try to beat it with his hand.

This puzzled intruders. How to Behave During the streets to SURVIVES 1. If a counter passerby asks you to smoke, the best action would be, without waiting for the attack, with all his strength to hit his fist on the forehead.

If you were sent to face a stream of gas cans, primarily hold your breath and close your eyes. Then unfasten the gas mask bag, remove the mask and wear it. Remember that the rapidity of these actions may depend on your life.

Before you enter a dark staircase, throw back a few stones, to seize the initiative from potential criminals. If you still notice in the entrance of suspicious types, carefully so as not to startle, ask them to produce documents. During the attack, never yell: " Help me! " It is better to shout something neutral, such as: " Hemtsy! " or: " Hey, the ferry! " HESKOLKO BOARDS ZHEHSCHIHAM on how to reflect HAPADEHIE HASILHIKA and retain this beautiful and PRIVLEKATELHOY 1.

Girls and women are not encouraged to wear short skirts and makeup use. An old jacket, tarpaulin boots and face smeared with soot certainly not attract the attention of potential serial killer. The fluffy hair is often in criminals hands ( wound) .

Therefore, clean- shaven head, lubricated with petroleum jelly or grease cream, once again save your life. A woman should use this time to protect any object, which turned into a purse. This may be a comb, deodorant, a piece of water pipe.

If you follow these simple rules, offenders will be much harder to rob you or beat you up, and then they become a victim of someone else.

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news stations for kansas city missouri

History of the USSR . . . In the USSR all know how to read.

Could read, even those who were younger than twenty. In the USSR, the apartments are free.

That is, people just gave the apartment.

Ordinary people. And they lived there. The USSR was not Coca- Cola, so that all children grow up healthy. The boys willingly went into the army and served very well.

Life in the Army was 25 years old. In the USSR, Moscow Metro was the best in the world.

Not that labor created man from an ape, and God. In the USSR every year the population increased by a million people. And since the Soviet Union existed a thousand years, lived there one billion people. And well lived. In the USSR it was all red.

Even the blue and green was red. Pioneer- ultras in the Soviet Union called Tymurovtsiv. Brezhnev was a great man.

After three strokes it for four hours reading reports on the congresses of the CPSU Central Committee. Those who faced the disease, understand that this is impossible. But Brezhnev was not impossible. The Communists were far better than people.


In the USSR, it was not 365 days, as now, and 471.

Because everything in the Soviet Union was bigger and better. In Soviet days, and hours in the day was much more than now, because everything in the Soviet Union was bigger and better. But months have been so many that their names now no one remembers. In the Soviet Union in the winter were big white snowdrifts, slush, and not as now. Generally, the Soviet snow was the most fluffy.

In the USSR of all drugs were legalized only port. It can be bought in any store. However, the Government has added a special flavor to the port, which made it impossible to take three, maximum of five bottles. Therefore overdoz in the USSR was not. In the USSR, vodka was not forty, and one hundred and forty degrees.

One could drink a bottle of the crew.

Called anti- Soviet dissidents. So they were called, because people who know what to do and to whom to seek advice - it is advisers. And the anti- Soviet dissidents, because they do not know what to do, could do to advise and consult no one was addressing.

In the USSR all the wives were faithful. Unfaithful wives was not, because they are at a Party meeting immediately stoned.

It was not a Christian, but very effective. Poor not believe his wife. Poor do not believe the mother.

Not bad not to trust anybody, not a single person in the world!

But worst of all not to believe in Lenin. In the USSR it was all the best. Except for one thing - freedom. And not that freedom in the Soviet Union was not the best, it simply was not there.

Because it was believed that fed retirees better than freedom. In the Soviet Union were the best fed retirees. In Soviet Azeris and Armenians lived in peace and friendship among themselves.

In the USSR all Estonians were Russian. USSR was very good. He helped everybody.

He even helped the blacks in Africa. This, of course, was superfluous. In Soviet times, the Kuril Islands does not end with Kunashir.

They were also part of Honshu and Hokkaido. The USSR was not nationalism. Instead of nationalism to rally the nation used communism. If the old Soviet pans at least occasionally not throw, they will outlive us and our children. In the Soviet Union were able to do not only tanks.

Soviet air defense troops shot down four flying saucer.

However, three alien were taken prisoner. They told the secret of the hydrogen bomb. During that all three aliens rehabilitated, and they then worked under the pseudonyms scientists in closed research institutes. One of these nicknames was Academician Sakharov. The best computer was made in the USSR.

Modern supercomputers - is simply electric typewriters compared with him. He could tell what was, what will happen and what the heart to calm down.

And once he was given the job to say what will happen.

Thought about it a computer. And then gave the answer and broke into a million pieces.

And then the Soviet Union collapsed. One of these pieces picked laboratory Kalitkin and hid. Then Kalitkin fled to America and there changed his name to Gates.

Read all about it. When Alla Pugacheva Philip Kirkorov birth, who would not say anything about it. He was the illegitimate child, and in the USSR, it could damage the career of rising pop singer. And so it broad stage robes over the years caused suspicions of officials from the culture: not pregnant right? But she has not abandoned the boy in the hospital and sent to his native Shakhtinsk, to his mother.

Cheburashka and Winnie the Pooh invented the Soviet film director Bondarchuk. Bondarchuk was six feet tall. In Soviet times, everything was called correctly.

And now everything is wrong. In Stakhanov was five hundred children. And everything - the miners. They are well known: Stakhanovites.

During the Soviet period in our country lived in ten times more people, and in Moscow - ten times less. This was ten times better. In the Soviet Union was just one warlord - Black Abdullah.

Yes, and so have done for 85 minutes. However, during the battle killed one good man, Vereshchagin. Another often asked where all go? But not gone anywhere. Everything is hidden in a safe place.

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e magazine news q zines

History hm . . . some shameless faces, so soon the elections. Smiling, you make my teeth vulnerable. - Hello! This is a flat 75, house 12, Chmolaptevsky lane? - Yes! - Your money behind you in the bottom drawer under the pants, need? - Need! - Then the order in our company metal door! - And you my tape of the wedding looked? - He looked . . .

Pornography some! - So I had to rewind to the beginning - there is just a registry office, kisses . . . - Wow, Antoine! What is your lovely rose in his buttonhole! - This is not a rose, and chrysanthemum. - Chrysanthemum? And it is written? - Er . . . well . . . um . . . youre probably right - is a rose . . . - Your wife can stop a running horse? - And what do you think? - There will come back to the village, papas business will continue . . . - So, will plump? Statement of vacation. - Honey, get up, its time to work. boobs. - Girl, how old are you? - Do you know what to ask the woman about her age impolite? - A sit down for sex with minors, according to you, politely be?

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putnam county journal news History threat! :), Interesting






putnam county journal news

History threat! : ) Today I stand in line at the pharmacy. The pharmacist, a young girl, something considered a calculator. Flung open the door, is a woman, obviously vendor in the bazaar. Pushes the queue, goes to the counter and slap Weigh pharmacist.

That falls behind the counter. The peddler was outweighed by the counter and asked: - Whats your name? - Natasha And where? - For a week before she resigned. - Well, bitch! Naidu kill you! She turned and left. The pharmacy established silence.

A minute later the door opened . . . - And kill you, if you are on my guy to hang! The door closed.

Again, silence, and confused girls voice: - Neither the name nor the names! What am I, now, do not fuck?

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best game news site Men on Women "- Read the mystical and fantastic, funny and scary, children,






best game news site

In my life there was much . . . Meanness, betrayal, tears, and just a betrayal . . . This and much more . . . Before I came to this . . .

I have a lot like me, many asked memories, even more shakes with me telefonchik . . .

They all think Im the one that they need . . . And I have to check. How? Very simple.

Man in sex - the best test. In the sex spectacular of the opportunities . . . power. Me.

Woman. I love group sex. No, not just fuck. Not just two or three at the same time as in all tasteless porn.

And with affection. Tenderness. And from that crazy stoned . . . What do men? Sex sex sex.

What should women? H- e- f- n- on- a- t- i, . Now imagine that you have managed!

You, the man finally managed to forget the instincts of nature quickly vent and restrain himself giving warmth and affection, tenderness and love me . . . us. And if you just two?


And not just males, hurriedly unbuttoned pants shaking hands at the sight of a naked woman, and gentle, affectionate and, at the same time, passionate lovers . . . Take this idea . . .

Obsosite it from all sides as a favorite bone marrow . . . And you will come to the same idea, to which we arrive after your true caresses - " WE ARE READY FOR ALL. I want to teach you men to think that this is not the only woman Im so wanting group, anal, oral sex . . . No, I want to give you an idea of what we all do, just to each needs its own approach, its key . . . affection, tenderness. I write many letters, they say, how can it be that in the stories, you baldeesh of group sex, and when we write to you, saying that you are ready to " fuck" - you refuse.

Silly . . . Yes on odnog. E only the words " fuck" I started to bring back from you . . . as, indeed, any woman. And hear, I ( or she) " I love you . . . all night . . . bringing the joy of your soul, your body, my kisses . . . my love" - how do you think I would resist? The most interesting is that now, after this introduction, I will come hundreds of letters with one or another variant of my own words . . .

And a unit of something original. Sorry, the right word. I believe many do not. What I do is that I am a woman, that I really like that.

My answer is simple - " Cogito, ergo sum" . Translate yourself.

Finally I say to all men - " Corpus sine spiritu cadaver est" .

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john green abc news Continued, highball, Moscow - Sochi. "- Read the mystical and fantastic, funny






john green abc news

And so, as you may remember from a previous story that we promised to call to Adler, a visit to Olenka. It was this last voyage, and she got the manager in the restaurant " Surf" I want to immediately clarify that in future, all events will be writing Irina. And so we have to Irina and Tanya were sitting in a restaurant ( details omitted) , we still drank and started to discuss our pleasant adventures. Then I noticed that Olga sits quietly in a little corner, and sad eyes looking at us, I approached her and sat down beside him.

I asked her: - What can we do for her, that she became more cheerful. She says: - Its too late, soon closed the restaurant. - And what do you suggest, I asked her. She replies: - If you do whatever you want whether its new to try in sex, then drove home to me, I live alone and can not afford to invite all of you. After 30 minutes we were in her country house. In the courtyard we were greeted by two guards who accompanied us to the door, and there we were met by a servant ( slave) Oh, it was a great slave of her could not tear his eyes, the more so because she was completely naked, she held, not by constraint, it was immediately it is evident that such reviews, it is common.

Olga has warned us: - Whats in her house, we can do whatever we want and thus should be in the nude, and that nothing we do not have to do, will do everything for us a slave. And you and she can do anything you want. Servant first approached you, said hello, and then kissed your lips, from her sweet lips exuded freshness and the ability to kiss. She took off with your topic, and immediately began to kiss your beautiful breasts, first one nipple was in her mouth, then another, she did so professionally, yet with a taste that could only come from one touch. She withdrew from thee thy already mokrenkie panties pulled flavor of your delicious smazochki and began kissing them, then got on his knees in front of you, how about you at this point it wanted to, you could not wait for when she starts to lick you.

She touched her scarlet lips to your thirsty Picea. And you once finished, your smazochka rolled down your thighs, the servant immediately you start Carney but it can not indefinitely continue, and she again licked you, and says: - All that fun later, but now all I have to undress. You from such a picture tossed in a sweet shiver. When she has done with all follow the same procedure, then invited us into the hall.

It was not just a room, and hall, which combined all the directions in the center of the room was a small podium on which lay a huge marble dog.

When we entered, he tried to approach us, but the servant shouted at him, and he took his rightful place.

Nearby stood elegant bed, I would say not even a bed, a stadium, so it was awesome. Nearby stood a huge oval table for 10- 15 persons. Tablecloth on it hung to the floor. Servant invited us to sit down for decorated table, and we took their seats. I sit and wonder what would come up with such an unconventional, okay, one thought came, I approached and asked Olenka: - Can she arrange sex with a mastiff.

Olenka, without hesitation, imperious voice, says: - Rab, quick on the podium, and youre close and convenient, now take the view.

Slave obediently went to the podium. Olga submits the following command: - Dog quickly to the slave, dog imposingly suited to a slave, and begins to sniff at the crotch, Olga commands: - Now, lie on your back and legs spread wider.

Servant immediately went to bed, kolenochki pulled to the stomach and does opened, now before our eyes opened on a beautiful picture, we started again excited. Dog sniff the aroma of a slave and roared with delight sweet. And then perhaps he realized that it is necessary not only to smell but to lick. And then his tongue began to dance on pussy slave, he did such movements, as if polish the water. Slave of pleasure became squirm, she grabbed his head and began to drive from the priests, to the clitoris.

From the outset, we have this scene was seen as a perversion, in our souls fought two senses, one as if disgusted, and the second great curiosity - how can this be? And curiosity beginning to outweigh, looking like a slave squirms and you wanted to try such a lover of the original, and further more. Olga went to the mastiff turned him so that he stood at the head of a slave and is licking her from the abdomen. Olga again ordered the commanding voice: - Now take it a member of the hand and masturbate. Slave picked up his huge dick dog and began to masturbate.

Term becomes more and more. Olga ordered the slave to become cancerous. ( More story continues, Irina) - I realized that I will now, and I felt like something completely out of sorts.

I understood that clearly is not ready for the show.

I turned to look at you - did you watch with interest. In the eyes of Tanya recited the entire range of emotions - from excitement to disgust. And then dog did it.

He started fucking slave. The first time I saw such a perversion. They heard a sigh Thani. Olga turned and looked at us and said " Tanya, you do not want that? " . To my surprise, I saw that Tanya is staggering.

She threw a glance at the podium - where dog fucked her " bitch. " And she said a hoarse voice trembling, " No, for me its too" but then added - " but fuck I want. " Olga put Tanya cancer.

I came back. And pasted. " No, not here, " said Tanya - " Fuck me in the ass. " I put my dick Tanya in the ass. She cried out as much of this size. I started to move slowly. Im located near Tanyas face.

Legs apart and Tanya started to lick me. Olga legs apart and sat on my face.

She had a sharp heady aroma. I began to greedily lick her pussy. I myself felt that Tanya eagerly licks me and trying to push into the language. I grabbed Tanya in the ass hands and methodically planted her his dick but most eggs.

On the podium is going on perversion.

The first had finished, Olga, splash me with their droppings. Then youre finished.

I got up and wanted to continue to have not finished Tanya - from her ass leaking your sperm, her eyes were zamutneny and full of desire.

Unnoticed by us appeared Olga mastiff. Dog perched behind Tanya. She turned around and shuddered. Olga bent over, picked up a member of the dog and sent him to the very bosom of the Tanya.

Tanya just grunted. Her eyes were full of fear.

Dog moved and began to slow traffic. Tanya leaned only on the one hand, and another that was trembling inwardly, handed to her clitoris and began to masturbate. Dog accelerated pace.

Tanya from her eyes flooded with tears. She quickly pushes his hand and said, as if to himself: " fuck, fuck me, dog. " She was crying, but it was evident that she was pleased.

Olga then stuck his penis and began to masturbate.

There is a huge amount of fluid gushed from a member of the back- Thani. She was all trembling and unable to stand on his feet fell on his stomach on the floor. She wanker ends. Had finished very strongly. Then I realized that I have all the lights - I did not notice myself that all this time, too, wanker.

I finished.

Then the floor fell sprays of sperm. I turned around - you were standing next to me in the hand holding his penis, which spewed out streams of sperm. We wiped the back of the Tanya and removed from the home. Very strange feeling we had inside - only that we have participated in something transcendent, perverted, dirty, and somehow exciting.

Until we got home before my eyes appeared weeping Tanya that wanker yourself and you fucked a huge dog.

And in all ears were her words, " fuck me, dog. " These memories are aroused in me a strange feeling. But I was not able to answer your question -

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article newspaper online I do not nipple "- Read the mystical and fantastic, funny and scary,






article newspaper online

Again, I do. About what? On the blow job. Three small plot.

As the first time I made a blowjob. How did the first time blowjob to her husband. And the first time I made a blowjob is not her husband. First times the memory.

In 14 years, I was still a girl. Dating a guy. Kissed him before stupor. Allowed himself to touch it. First, breast, and then everywhere.

At one of the periods, he started me say that muzchinam not long refrain. That one can die.

And he started me ugovorivat masturbate him periodically. And on my desires, he thought. What Im after our meetings, at home, once the provost, with the help of masturbation, was an orgasm. Standing. In the toilet.

In general, I started to masturbate him. Sprayed his sperm in the stairwell, in the park, even at night on a bench under a porch. And again after a period of time that he began ugovorivat me that if I do it by mouth, then he wakes up much nicer. Of course, I broke down. But then again overnight.

Summer. Staircase.

Under the stairs. I squatted. Naturally she could not suck. Just took it into his mouth and he keeps my head, one can say just fucked.

Long. 5- 6 times swung hot and bitter- salty liquid flowing on my reed. I did not know whats next and clean automatically swallow it.

Thats how they lived. And from her husband for a long time I hid what I was doing blowjob.

And that already know how to do it. Why? I do not know. Shy.

And each time I refused all his requests. When he brought slaydoskop and a whole bunch prno- slides. Then another porn nebylo so untwisted.

Hiding from his parents in the garage, we saw them. When the excitement reached its climax, he stood next to me ( I sat in the chair) . Began to caress me.

He just rubbed on me with his hump in the pants. And then he prosta. F0astegnul pants.

I recently did not. Mad excitement. On the shorts have a spot.

I could not hold back any longer. I did everything myself. And the tongue of the trunk. And the lips on the head. Bright.

Hot. With the desire. Groan. C wiggle my swollen pussy on a chair.

The husband pulled back throwing liquid on my lips and neck. The water came right up to her breasts. Later, he was no longer suspended. And now for the first change in her husband blow job.

It generally is not the first betrayal was, but blow job first time. I was a teacher in a kindergarten.

He is one of the parents. Often a ride me home in his car.

Of course he tried to persuade me. At one point, I agreed. We stopped at a landing. Well, this is only in movies and in stories vydumanyh convenient to make love in the car when the seat is not fully bed.

We promuchalis. And decided to stop at oral sex.

I went into the back seat with a protruding foot in the door.

Lay? Polulegla. Butt was suspended, but feet on the ground. He sat down between my legs.

Was experienced in this matter.

I finished pretty quickly. Well finished.

Strongly. And then, I was sitting in the back seat.

Satisfy him. He stood in the open car door with his hands on her cabin. True previously he was interested in, whether it is possible to lower my mouth? Of course you can.

But his attention was nice. Incidentally that same night, we and her husband had oral sex. Thats it.

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newsgroup posting Tree trunk "- Read the mystical and fantastic, funny and scary, children,






newsgroup posting

Like the good old days, I felt that more young people like me, I must say that Im not experienced such a feeling, my husband was very jealous, and before each of my departure, I rolled a tantrum. For all four years of our life together, I never betrayed him, even though such opportunities were with me constantly, I think I was afraid. No, Im not that kind of a prude, just like me at first that he was jealous of me, but over time, it was me incredibly hard. But this time, I was very influenced by a stupid joke, and even in the presence of three unknown young men . . . This story happened to me this spring, when I went to the session in Volgograd.

My companions were three young guys, it turned out that they too were at my institute.

They were a little younger than me, but it has not prevented us from carrying out our general session is nasyscheno. Kogda my husband saw my companions, that at first he looked at me and then joked, of course, I stand at once the three men, in that I was offended and sent him straight to hell. That such a mood of horseradish and I went to the session, paying no attention to his fellow travelers. Though I must pay tribute, they behaved like true gentlemen, and were very attractive, tall, handsome, and well razvitymi. Kak the good old days, I felt that more young people like me, I must say that Im not experienced such a feeling my husband was very jealous, and before each of my departure I rolled a tantrum.

For all four years of our life together, I never betrayed him, even though such opportunities were with me constantly, I think I was afraid. No, Im not that kind of a prude, just like me at first that he was jealous of me, but over time, it was me incredibly hard. But this time, I was very influenced by a stupid joke, and even in the presence of three unknown young men . . . The train carried me away from home, and I sat looking out the window and thought, how Im sick. In Volgograd apartment waiting for me, which I rented for the session at my mothers friend, in general, we lived there together with my odnogruppnitsey, but this time, Alesia did not go to the session, she passed it ahead of time, so I had to live alone in a good two- room kvartire.

Moi satellites at pains to please me, this gallant courting me, I no longer remember, everyone was afraid of my trusty, but now that it was not.

When the window was dusk, I decided to respond to their courtship, they were delighted, and after some time we have met, sat at a table on which stood a bottle of brandy and different snack. As I was pleased, they are interrupted by telling jokes, jokes, telling funny stories from my life, I laughed incessantly. We agreed that we will not go, because the train arrives in Volgograd early utrom. Dopiv second bottle, one of them suggested to play cards for fun, Im a bit battered and agreed that they did not know what cards I play really does not even bad.

We decided to play strip, but after half an hour, they sat in his shorts, and I took off her blouse and just stayed sitting in a short t- short.

Conscious of their lustful looks, Im very excited, they had such a beautiful body that I have only one kind of dizzy. They were no less excited, and still be under my tee shirt was nothing else, my nipples have been stretched, and they were clearly visible through the thin white fabric. It is time to strip them completely, I started to do this with Misha, and when I smiled and covered his entire run, leaving him with one more card, his face went white.

He was resisting, but there are bargain agreement, he got up, turned away from me and took off his pants, quickly sat back, crossing his legs.

But his term does not obey, his head was visible, and when I carefully examined his magnificent instrument, Mishin face flushed. We continued the game, Michael was trying with all his might beat me, but my attention has shifted to Alexis, who was desperately resisted, but it did not save him . . . Soon the three of them were not cowards, they faced the members aroused in me strong emotions, I have all the expire with excitement, the more I allowed myself to beat, and sat without shirts, and they looked at my firm breasts. But the train, inevitably went to the target, remained about an hour prior to arrival, sorry, I was already ready to give them three at once, such wild excitement I had not experienced ever before. When we got dressed and got ready to leave the car, Sasha, the third and most beautiful of them, took my hand and said he wanted to repeat our game, that is to win. " Replied that all we may be left kupe.

Na next day, I saw them at the institute, they somehow dejectedly sitting near the body, and their bags that they came out of the car, stood side by side . - Hello!

Why are you sitting here are glum? They were glad to see me and give me a place on the bench, began to tell, as they broke off from the dorm, and how they had to spend the night at the station. It is understandable - after hearing them, I said - come on, this problem we reshim. Kogda I brought them into his apartment, and invited to stay with me, they were confused, but quickly agreed. I did not understand what was happening, but I wanted to experience once again the storm of feelings that I experienced on the train that I did not care.

Then came the long- awaited evening, the boys drove to the store, stating that feed me, they themselves will be quickly prepared for dinner, from such attention, I simply melted away, and lit the candles purchased, and a gala evening began.

I drank champagne, cognac and they . - Alechka - a smile, " Sasha said, his sky- blue eyes and a soft voice aroused me more and more - you promised to give us a chance to win it back - Yes! - A little hard I replied . - So can we try? - He continued - Do you mind? - You want it? " They nodded in unison, and I caught myself thinking that I want this, probably even more than they are!

Misha took a card, we decomposed the sofa, covered him with a blanket and sat down.

I was put on the wall, probably, that I would not run away, but Im not going to run away, quite the contrary . . . Half an hour later they were again left in his underpants, and I sat in the fact that I was clothed, their sad faces looked at I was hoping . - Pour me some brandy - asked ya. Leshka leapt to his feet, his cock was strained and struggled out of his swimming trunks, but I felt between my legs felt very warm and wet.

Taking from his hand a glass of cognac, I drank it in one gulp, and we continued playing.

Half an hour later, the boys were not cowards, their protruding members attracted me, and I stayed in shorts. Their faces were playing a smile and their eyes devouring menya.

Vskore and panties flew off to the side, the game has reached its logical conclusion, but we were not going to stop. Misha invited to play on desire, rather than desire, and a predetermined action. If you lose one of them, then they kiss me, and if I do - then the whole of the man on whom will indicate the winner. But most importantly, if a boy loses boy, then two of them kissed my breasts.

In proposing this, they looked at me, Im a little broken down for decency - soglasilas. Menya shaking with excitement, especially when they kiss me, their lips were so soft . . . When Sasha beat Mishka, I have dark eyes, they stood up, and . . .


Their lips were already strained my nipples . . . I broke down and moaned with pleasure, my eyes were closed, and . . . Maps flew to the floor, I raised the six- strong hands, and gently laid on the couch, their lips when it never left my breasts, bringing indescribable pleasure.

Heres to my stomach touched his lips, perhaps, it Lesch, he alone remained out of work.

His tongue slowly fell from my navel to my wet hole, I involuntarily parted and bent at the knees his legs, letting his tender tongue further. Now, someone sat down at my lips, so passionately I have no long kiss, my lips have become submissive and let his tongue in my mouth, and in the meantime, Leshin tongue playing with my clitoris, and freed her breast fondling a strong hand. God! How I wish that . . . ahhh ! ! ! ! ! My hand found Mishin member, he was very solid, lightly, I began to stroke him, and immediately felt his lips on my chest began to move even faster.

Aha, so kiss me Sasha!

Stretching her free hand, I touched his penis, he was still more than the Bears. He looked up from my lips, straightened up, and I began to pull his penis to her, when he got near me, I opened my eyes. His penis was a millimeter from my face, I smiled and kissed him. My God, what a beautiful! My hips went to a meeting Leshkinomu the tongue, he sucked, licked and nibbled on me, bringing me unearthly bliss.

But then he got up, his cock ran into me, but he did not hurry, wiggle a member of my crack, he slowly entered.

His cock slowly sank into my thirsty cave, I moved to meet him, almost planted on his cock, my body arched, I released a member of his mouth and groaned.

What a pleasure when you are operating just two, but I was little, I wanted them immediately vseh.

Kogda I woke up from Sweeping me orgasm, Misha is a delight dipped his penis into me, his movements were very nice to me . My eyes met with Sashas eyes. He smiled and kissed me on the lips. - What are you doing? - His voice was so sweet that my eyes began to shut down . - Aaaa! - Burst out of me moan - I want you to do! Sasha and Alexei lifted me and put on a lying Misha, I immediately planted on his penis, Lesch parted my buttocks, I stopped, frozen in anticipation, I have had the experience of anal intercourse, but I was not happy about it, Misha continued to move, and Alexei began to caress my tongue loose hole. I involuntarily shrank, by surprise, but the feelings were so nice that my ass relaxed, letting his tongue inside.

Sasha came up to me in the front, his handsome, brilliant from my saliva, leaned into my face. I obediently opened my mouth, he immediately seize the moment, put it there. What a delight!

Now Sasha took matters into his own hands, he gently moved in me that I was nothing else to do but tightly grip the lips of its members, thereby causing his stony.

Lesha also did not waste time, his penis was pushed into my ass first with difficulty, and after his head had placed in me, he easily went the whole length. Now I wanted, I had in all my holes, but I like the last bitch, rejoiced at this as a child.

I spun like a doll, by turns fucking in all holes, how many times I had finished, hard to say, I lost count, probably after the eighth orgasm.

How long it lasted, I moaned and screamed, and they have more force were in my lithe body. At this point, I was the happiest person in the world . . . When it ended, my hands was taken to the bathroom, out of me oozing and dripping on the floor of their sperm, it was in me so much that it could pump a glass and drink as kefir. Domoy we returned in the same compartment, all three weeks I was at the mercy of these beauties, I really wanted this to continue forever . . .

Write your thoughts on antosha 121@ yandex. ru

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madison connecticut newspaper Travellers History - Read the mystical and fantastic, funny and






madison connecticut newspaper

Chapter 1. Irkutsk. Airport.

Dear passengers! Who left the security checkpoint on a mobile phone, please approach the security checkpoint. I repeat . . .


Now at least five hundred people know that youre an idiot.

Even if not called your name and flight number. At least ninety people flight Irkutsk - Novosibirsk - Samara know that among them there is at least one idiot. True to the moment of landing they will be 89. Well, not counting myself as an idiot!

I sit in a chair aircraft. Slowly cooling to undergo registration at the airport. Just think, had to pass to the luggage bag, because instead of the five pounds she weighed nine!

And, then, in Tolmachevo have 30- 40 minutes to stand in anticipation of the baggage claim.

European service! New terminals, new flights, new people for the props - psychology is the same: do not let go! - Excuse me, my bag 9 kilograms, and the ticket can carry 20! - Im sitting in the back row, look for the ticket, luggage section behind my right behind my back! You do not make any difference, it is worth shopping bag under my seat, or half a meter on? - Why? - NIZZZYA! At the company receiving glass eyes, like a robot, and of no understanding there can be no question. - Take a bag of luggage, please. - Why? - But I do not want it packed.

It is closed on all locks and fastened all the lightning.

I do not care, get dirty or not - take. - Do not accept - it is not packed. Clear: yet another robot. Long live the American culture, her mother . . . - Pack a bag, please. - Seventy rubles.

This is not even a robot, but simply a slot machine. Toss money, he packs a bag. No, I understand: this is o. Eryadok.

But if we Americanize service, then at least Make these people smiling! Do not understand only one thing, why in the remaining ten airports in various other towns I passed this bag without issues? There is hope that we still have Russia. It all started just fine. Chapter 2.

Irkutsk. Hotel. In Irkutsk, I flew the day.

It is best to arrive in a strange city during the day. So more chances to reach the city at all, alive and with the money, because the airport is usually out of town.

Go to Irkutsk is true, not true - the airport in the city. Reaching the hotel, I was surprised to learn that free single rooms there. For only some five minutes, explaining what to write in " broken English that he wanted an Englishman to his fluent English hotel manager on duty, I became a proud owner of number.

Sooner happy . . . the room was listed as number 924 ( ie, on the ninth floor, if someone did not realize) . Elevator, as you know, did not work. Walking with the bag by the seventh floor, I thought that maybe it would be nice to buy a pre- mineral water. Okay, Ill try the buffet.

On the ninth floor maid handed me a room key, and kindly informed that they have a buffet - on the second floor. Drink got sick . . . Still, no matter how many stars do not nalepili at a hotel in Russia, the service there will always be a native Russian, the level of the inn in 1870.

Of course, now in hotels all you happy, cute smile, and ready to fulfill your every whim for your money. But working in hotels because the Russian people for the same Russian people, and so, no, no, yes and manifest Russian principle of " all through the ass. " Invite a number of another person you can, unless he has a passport, he received a pass from the guard, and swore on the Bible to leave your number to 23- 00 hours. And do not care what you want, which is still the hotel, bars and all services are working around the clock, the magic figure of 23- 00 in Russia will exist forever. However, if you are not satisfied, you directly from your room, please call us and invite a girl to call. They put the figure does not apply, and the guard will honestly watch all night, so you do not interfere.

Telephone number on call girls are in any hotel directory, or in any local newspaper in " ad" and " job offer" . And talk to your health! ( Just do not try to seduce the maid - they do is forbidden under pain of death. Moreover, they are " cute" that you do not drink so much! ) Do not expect easy and familiar to spend an evening in the community television. No televisions in the rooms is, in extreme cases, it will bring in another room, but unless you are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk or Krasnoyarsk, then the TV will show you the most entertaining programs - adjusting table, and the most funny clip - " do not forget to turn off the TV. " Explain to the category of readers who just got off the armored train: in Russian cities, with the exception of the above, there is no twenty television channels!

Local TV will offer you only the ORT, RTR, TVC interspersed with local broadcasts, and even then not always. In the television series dominate the province! That is, the TV becomes a piece of interior. I hope that those of you who travel on business trips, normal people, and do not watch this crap: from someone who has given birth and whose brains are on the pavement? Well, if youre a fan of " soap" , you can go to hell - these notes are not for you.

In general, you may regret if youre in a strange city at the weekend. If youre new to this city, of course you can go to enjoy the local attractions and even go to the cinema, circus, theater, strip, casinos ( required - highlight) . But if youre a professional trip and arrived in this city is not the first time, all the attractions had ostochertet, and ahead of two days of enforced idleness, then please accept my sincere condolences. The author of this occasion to get into this situation, and tell you frankly: the city of Ulan- Ude, now is not one of my favorite cities.

And finally, I want you something - that explain about the hotel rooms and prices for them.

All this can be found in the table below.

As you can easily see for yourself, the price and quality, in this case, comfort rooms, do not always coincide. I can recommend two things: If ever you to drag up Khabar, stay at the hotel " Cupid" - you will not regret.

If you have enough strength to drag just to Ulan- Ude - do not choose a hotel " Barguzin" - sorry. Oh, and, especially for those romantics who have very long journey in life - thirty minutes by train. My notion of " comfort room" includes not only the availability of toilet paper in the room, bathrooms and bathroom accessories, brushes, hangers, crockery, kettle, fridge, TV set ( and remote to it) , etc. , but also an opportunity to rest quietly in the room, room service, maintenance personnel, etc. Well, you know what I mean. In " Krasnoyarsk" offers even bathrobe after a shower.

Whew! Omsk, Siberia 900. 0 * / 1300.

0 4. 0 / 6. 5 Omsk Omsk " 900. 0 / 1500 6.

0 / 7. 0 Tomsk Tomsk " 900.

0 6. 0 Barnaul Barnaul " 1, 000.

0 6. 0 Biysk Central 900.

0 6. 0 Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk " 950. 0 / 2, 500. 0 * * 5. 5 / 7.

5 Krasnoyarsk Gostiny Dvor - / 1350, 0 - / 7, 5 Krasnoyarsk " Lights of the Yenisei" 1500 * / - 4, 0 Krasnoyarsk Aeroflot 900.

0 6. 8 Irkutsk Agat - / 1100, 0 - / 7, 8 Irkutsk Angara 2450. 0 7. 0 Bratsk Taiga 1300.

0 6. 0 Ulan- Ude " Barguzin" 300. 0 / 800. 0 3.

0 / 4. 5 Ulan- Ude " Buryatia" 1, 100. 0 5.

0 Chita " Dauria" 1100, 0- 1400, 0 4. 0 / 5. 0 Blagoveshchensk " Central" 800.

0 5. 8 Khabarovsk Amur 1800.

0 * * 8. 0 Vladivostok 750. 0 5.

8 Kemerovo " Tom" 600. 0 5.

0 Novokuznetsk Metallurg 600. 0 5. 5 Novokuznetsk Pallada 680. 0 5.

5 Novokuznetsk " ALA XX!

Century! 1300 7. 0 Rubtsovsk Central 600/ 900 4.

0 / 7. 0 * * * * - Double room, purchased at a I can see myself that in some hotels the price is clearly too high compared with the services you can offer.

Will not name names, and allow them free publicity, but compare the price per room and comfort rating, intelligent reader, and he would guess. I can hear the voices of a pair of nedoumkov: he pick and choose.

Listen, shovels, trying to convince you that there is something sweeter carrots I will not. But nobody will convince me that the rooms are not supposed to be a garment and shoe brushes! Yes, I sneeze, that they steal.

Your room will cost $ 40, so please be kind enough to differentiate among 30 cents to buy these fucking brushes. And maybe someone of you, especially gifted asshole will be able to explain to me why I moved into the number should go out and buy yourself a maid TV remote? ?

If not, then sit back and munch on a carrot itself. Chapter 3. Irkutsk. City.

Still Irk - the strange woman out of all cities - Russian Women.

Fashionista. Many churches and temples per square kilometer more to search. But why always in front of the temple is worth law firm?

On the square in front of the city administration - a small chapel. Atone for sins? No, I understand that placed it instead exploded chapel, 1: 100 scale, but for some reason next to the administration? Perhaps, in Irkutsk to all once again reminded that power - from God.

In general, Ira - a woman in the juice. Three hundred years for the city - not age. Small narrow streets, one- way traffic, not sawn wood. All for some compact. But this impression is deceptive: the city youre feet will not manage.

Landscape floor flat, undulating floor. And over all these hills, the narrow streets, like cockroaches, are worn Korean bus. Leave them a snap: you have to jump onto the road and manage to pull the plug. If you are not moved, you can sit down and go.

If you need to get out - cry for the driver. Its simple. But if I knew all this! With some difficulty he climbed into a commercial bus. In the interior squeeze did not - go through three stops.

Poluvishu on the steps. The fact that we did not stop at the first stop, I was pleased, that did not stop for a second - was concerned about . . . the fifth and sixth stop I took a look dreary. Stoke bus without stopping at an unknown far.

We stayed only in the Irkutsk- 2. Local Aborigines call it an elite residential districts. I do not know, hes really some kind of sleeping. Two- , three- storey houses, vacant lots and wasteland on the horizon, sadly, nine- panel.

Normal DISTRICT province. You can enjoy long, but at a later date. And everything is good, if not inexplicable love of Irkutsk to the unilateral movement.

Coming to a stop in the village ( or neighborhood, Im sorry, I do not know) named V.

Lenin, I began to think, but how would I go back?

But the legs feed the wolf. After going two blocks down, I found a street where traffic was going in the opposite direction.

Was necessary to find a stop, wait for the next bus and move in the opposite direction. Easier to nowhere.

Among you, dear readers, there are people who think as well?

There? Congratulations, you are the same idiots like me.

Its not so simple. Standing for 30 minutes at the bus stop, I began to doubt that civilization was confident gait was able to move on this bank of the Angara, and not drowned during the crossing. Finally arrived keyway. Despite the fact that he still saw Kolchak, the old man ran still quite briskly.

So vigorously that I relaxed and came to himself only when he realized that the landscape outside the window completely unfamiliar to me.

As we have already probably guessed the most savvy, the bus is not going to go to Irkutsk. Instead, I made no less fascinating excursion into the New Lenin. I will not bore the reader with new experiences and wishes all the best municipal and private transport in the city of Irkutsk. I can only say that the hotel I was only half past eight, and did not meet with a client. What else can you tell us about Irkutsk?

The city is beautiful in summer. Small streets buried in greenery. Old houses with very good architecture. The complete absence of kiosks and stalls, only small shops, pavilions. Beautiful railway station.

The abundance of churches and bell towers. For philanthropists - a convent. For romantics - Aviation Institute. And what a shaman evokes the name of the needle - Irkutsk State Linguistic University.

If someone wants to imagine the embankment Angara, go look at the embankment of the Irtysh in Omsk. One to one. Built on the same project. Quite - yet friendly people. Ardent fan of the " Stars" and " Sibskany.

By the way, talk to the natives of hockey, you will learn many interesting things. For non- Irkutsk reveal a secret: the name " Sibskana" came from combining the two words: Siberia and Scandinavia. It is quite possible that if the Swedes have not helped to build a plant in Irkutsk would not have been bandy.

What else? Yes, and just will not tell. Arrive in Irkutsk by yourself and you learn this fairly modern city with Baubles and chips. Only pre- pobespokoytes of a return ticket, and you can stay in town longer than planned.

Chapter 4. Ulan- Ude. Hotel. Ceremonial Arrival me on the train from the city of Irkutsk has happened in six in the morning. Not the best time for solemn speeches and flowers.

It turned out that it is not too good time for public transport. No taxi hodilo clock.

Consecutively within a hundred rubles. Throw the bag into the trunk and asked to be taken to the nearest decent hotel.

Thank God, bred, they went. Asked if he could smoke.

Took out a cigarette lighter. Stopped. Asked: " What do we stand, waiting for someone? " Turned out: Here we are!

Looked at his watch. All it took four minutes. $ 100 for four minutes: a good rate. Went to the hotel.

Asked a free single room. There is . . . He asked me what number I want to take. Acquainted with the prices of rooms and guard: in one city I have not offered the number for 300 rubles. Deliberated only a few seconds and took the suite for 800 rubles per day.

The fact that the room on the fourth floor and the elevator in the hotel to do, this is nonsense.

So it seemed. Half an hour later, when the trivia plucked up the car and truck, I sadly thought that the road there are two other hotels.

But it was too late. No, I agree, its all nonsense, of course.

But when the room has no bathroom, clothes brush, utensils, TV remote, telephone directories, etc. and so on, its annoying. Somehow took a shower, with the sincere hope that the soapy water leaked through the hole in the floor, hits the bottom of the room and down the drain. It remains only to sit and smoke and to consider further action.

Especially because the calendar was a Saturday and had to hang around here doing nothing for two days. One happy: in the room was upholstered furniture. Plyuhnuvshis with a sweep in one of the chairs, I immediately moved nearly to the floor above.

And within five seconds of examining torn ass.

Furniture, of course, was mild. But the stark reality of life told me that the sidewall to the chair were nailed 6- inch nails. And one of them sticking out of the seat. So listen to my advice: do not take in Ulan- Ude, suites and your ass is soft and silky! The mood was hopelessly flawed and I, looking ahead, I say: in that day, I get drunk.

Chapter 5. Ulan- Ude.

City. What can you tell us about the capital of Buryatia? Frankly, it surprises at every turn. The city does not have his card. This is another trouble that I encountered.

In this country, every village seeks to be glorified, even releasing their own map of the area with all the sights ( on the outskirts of our glorious Muhosranska stop shit " Feliky Kneser All Russia" ) . A Ulan- Ude own map of the city has not. Having bought at a kiosk " Soyuzpechat" all advertising materials, I discovered that half of them in the Buryat language. In the central square stands a monument to Lenin, which, in general, by itself, and not very surprising.

But do not . . . Instead of the usual hats and arm ( not to be confused with Luzhkov) monument is a giant head . . . leader of the proletariat protruding from the pedestal.

The diameter of the head, according to conservative estimates, 3- 3, 5 meters.

Obviously in Buryatia felt that the leader of the most valuable of all, its head. Everything Else - transient. A trip to the town itself, too, harbored surprises. Judging from the surroundings and the schematic plan of the city, Ulan- Ude - a small town. However, the walk from one end to convince me otherwise.

Do not try to cross it on foot - its tiring.

Take tram. And for 40- 50 minutes, you pass a large right through him. The architecture of the city, sadly contemporary. Standard three- , five- , nine- , and the edges: the private sector.

If the names of areas not original: the Soviet, October, Railway, the street names are very original: Novokuznetsk, Tobolsk, Bratsk, Ufa, Stavropol and other . . . The population of 360, 000 people. National entertainment: vodka and shooting.

On the streets shooting comes across quite often did. And all of two days sober Buryats still had to search . . . And, apparently, drink, start with the age when it can hold a glass in his hand.

Personally, I observed in the store, like two teenagers, 14- 16 years of heated debate in front of a lemonade stand: two or one?

Whether to take glasses? Hot long dispute ended unexpectedly: to us, please, a glass, a bottle of lemonade and two bottles of vodka! Arguing only about the lemonade, the amount of vodka to the dispute did not cause.

It is a pity that the Buryat like to drink, because drink they absolutely do not know how. And the broken windows of my hotel once again confirm this. From cultural life: a couple of cinemas in the city center, a hefty Buryat National Drama Theatre, as well as all sorts of rides on the weekends. Summer added football.

True " Selenge" plays in the second league and not shine. Chapter 6. WHAT?

What is it? - Of course not. Chapter 7. Chapter 9.

Chapter 10.

Beautiful. Okay. Chapter 11. Chapter 12. Center.

Chapter 13. Stations. None. Why?



Kemerovo. Gentlemen! Please. City.

Omsk. Airport.

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