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- . . . Bad that youre gone. - Why? - Stas was unpleasantly surprised. - But you called! He shifted from foot to foot.

A friend from childhood spit- covered, painted in dirty pictures staircase suddenly became sickeningly disgusting.

Leatherette upholstery shabby apartment door N77, asshole claws unforgettable and long- deceased cat Murzik, now looked like the skin long sdohshego animal. Face Armen, once handsome and arrogant, and now swollen, blackened stubble, looked like a black and white photo of a local newspaper - " If someone of you identified the corpse, call . . . Armen swollen shut eyes and rubbed his cheek on soiled hands can not. - Do not be offended - he muttered hoarsely. - Bad at all . . . - Irina bad? - Swallowing, asked Stas. - He chased? ! - Stas pushed his hand door. - Are you completely mad?

They had known long ago - the first class. Stass always liked that Armen - his friend. And not just one, but a friend who was older than all my classmates for the whole year! Just think of it, Armenia has already learned to second- class . . . and maybe even a third . . . if merciful to Stass fate did not put him Armen six months in hospital with some there is an acute meningitis.

Pope Armen - tall, gray- haired always smelling of some medications, many remembered him Stas - sometimes roared, - Stas had heard these conversations through the tightly closed door kitchen: - Hey, here I would give my Armenchika in the first class in the age of six - before you know, he would not get sick. - From the fate will not leave - quietly replied mother Wanda. - How do we know what would then happen? - Mama- Wanda, youre quite apolitical reasoning - usually answered Vasili

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newspaper front page layout Slimy disgusting "- Read the mystical and fantastic, funny and scary,






newspaper front page layout

In our Partizanske normal men is almost gone. Most of them soundly drinks.

But Ivan did not drink and was worthy of the role of the husband, although he was a bad one. Zina obediently followed the Vanya, carrying rods, buckets and a backpack with a thermos. She had to get up very early today to accompany your favorite fishing. Its like always walking in front, proudly carrying his only bait, and it seemed that the specifically adds step, so that she could not catch him.

Zina so wanted to shout at his back, to wait, but remained silent, knowing that it is useless.

She just sighed, shifted by rod and arm on her shoulder and quickened step. Finally they reached the lake. Vanya, with skill, was unwinding a fishing line, to seek out fat worm in the bank and pretend that he is an independent man and woman on a fishing trip for him just a burden.

Zinaida spread the rug pulled out sandwiches and sitting comfortably, called Vanya. - Thou shalt eat?

I had hot tea, you pour in the mug? - What are you, come here to eat? - Barked in response fisherman. Zina said nothing and just straightened wool sweater on the chest. And I must tell you, her breast was impressive size. Like most girls of her village, who grew up in the taiga herbs and home milk, Zina was a lush, krupnoy. Posmotrish and once represented by a burning house and a horse at full gallop.

It took half an hour.

Ivan still stood ankle- deep in water and monitored closely by a float, and Zina carefully considered on its back drawing filthy sweater. She was all dreamed that he would soon put a rod and sit down next to each other, cuddling and p.

Ats. Aluet. He is certainly a rough- meditated devushk 0, but deep down, gentle, and I know he loves me, just not recognized, or rather does not want to show their weakness, hes a man! - Hey! Come here!

Look what I found! " - his voice cut the silence of the morning on the lake. Zina hurried up and went to watch the discovery. Ivan reached out and showed something strange. - Look what a thing, damn it, Ive never seen this, and you? On his palms lay something remotely resembling a giant worm with the characteristics of shellfish. - You do not like it? - Sarcastically asked.

Zina carefully examined the find, and after his question was confused, because it is a river- lake fossil copy of the male member.

The base was a shell, or carapace, from which climbed dense core about 15 cm and 3 cm in diameter its surface was ribbed like a compressed track ( spring) and at the end of the rounded head with a hole. - Thanked muck some, throw it, it probably stinks! - Neee . . Ill bring it home, and he suddenly science is not yet known?

Sfotkat it is necessary. Vania- squeezed fingers of the river and the worm out of his hole zapuzyrilas mucus, all of this is accompanied by a quiet squeak. Seeing the disgust of the girls, he was deliberately close this monster poke her in the face. Ahh, scared? - Stop, Ill scream and fish you scared! - Or maybe you want it?

Huh? You want me to fuck this thing, he looks like a dick, just a river, or maybe an alien? - Are you completely stupid? ! anything else you can imagine? His face appeared Wani some wild smile and her eyes glistened like a maniac pervert. Well, patted him, kiss her, holding out the worm.

Zina ostentatiously turned around and went to their familiar places. A few seconds later, Ivan followed her and sat down beside him. - Fear not, I have it on shore leave, and even hand- rinsed, he showed her his hand, smelling of tobacco, fish, mud and earth under the fingernails. - You frighten me with their ideas and suggestions, honestly! - Zine is finally waited for his attention, and even moved closer to touch his shoulder.

Only a minute they sat in silence, and then Ivan suddenly and abruptly put his hand on her knee and began to pull up her dress. The girl just smiled while trying to squeeze out koketlivyysmeshok. Vanya was a hamisty and brash, in sex, he was never affectionate, but just fucked up and immediately fell asleep when he had finished his fist. And Zina constantly waiting on him tenderness and always the first persuaded him to close, thinking that sex is a genuine manifestation of his love. He put his arm around her and looked archly, and she had closed her eyes, waiting for the magical kiss of her prince.

Rude gesture he flunked her on her back and began to drive her hands over her huge breasts. - Kiss me- aspirated " she said, trying to make a drop of romance. He leaned over and immediately useful language in her mouth, scraping the skin bristles.

And then began to lick her lips, nose and tongue tip reached into his nostrils.

Well, do not! " - Murmured irritably Zina, wiping his drool. - That we should not?

Huh? Heifer that does not like something? - Ivan continued to compress alternately one boob, then druguyu. Pravoy hand crept between her legs. Zina obediently spread her knees apart, leaning his rubber boots on the ground.

His fingers roughly pinched her pussy lips through the panties, sometimes scratching the clitoris, making her cry out. Two hands, he grabbed the edge of her dress and pulled up, in every way she helped him lift the fat ass. But suddenly he began to bully the dress higher and higher, pulling it up over her head. - Stop, but I do not see anything, its not funny! " - She tried to resist.

Ivan firmly hold the fabric with one hand, not allowing her to break free and escape, while the other pulls off her panties. Calm down, yes you are! and not oriented to the whole taiga, you fool!

He pulled off his pants to his knees and they were stretched between her legs as a white sail. He got his fingers in her crotch, pushing not shaved lips, like wild weeds. His fingers ran up and down, trying to get grease and smear from the clitoris to the anus. Zina turned her head to one side, so the fabric did not cover her nose and could see and breathe. She felt as bold and improper for it to touch her, and would prefer to relax and allow him to all.

Ivan hesitated slightly, and she felt as he entered her finger in the hole, then stuck again, but for some reason, his finger became colder and more . . . and somehow unusual . . two fingers or what? " She thought. - Che, like it? huh? somehow sweet- nasty voice asked Vanya. The girl stiffened. - And you did not. The guy slowly entered her vagina its river discovery, drive a worm in half.

He easily entered and keep in shape, despite the fact that the body was soft and slimy. Her hole glistened with slime and it was not clear what more is its lubricant or secretions from a worm.

In the second Zina dawned that it is a vile creature. She zabrykalas and became strongly spurn Vanya, kicking his feet and pounding their fists on his chest. He sat down, shielding her from the shock, clutching a pet in your hand. - But do not want to kiss him for having fun? On!

Suck it, let it in your mouth to finish. - You freak! - Zine on her feet, I hate you! Currently zasun this piece of shit in the ass! she pulled off her panties and began to wipe himself between the legs with a feeling of disgust to the world.

Ivan went to the lake and continued to fish as if nothing had happened. First Zina wanted to leave, offended, but chose to sit back on the blanket, take a sandwich and settle down.

She nibbled half, was chewed sausage and suddenly . . . suddenly a roar throughout the taiga. - What are you yelling? What noesh, sick or what?

Think of you now to help jump out of the woods good woodsmen? - Love- blurted out smugly Vanya, even as you love.

After standing for several minutes with a fishing rod and adjusting something in his pocket, he went to her and sat down. - Come on- roaring said, put his arm around her shoulder, I was joking, think of a worm, I wanted that you liked it . . Youre almost finished, right? She shoved him with his elbow.

But he felt a hug become complacent and sniff. Well, stop crying, he was carefully wiping her nose, you are also my calf . . . my woman.

I want to kiss you? Zina capriciously shook her head. - And what you want? I did a lot. - And you marry me? - Naive said Zinaida Of course, getting married! Together we shall live, you give birth to my son, Im with him on a fishing trip will go. - Right? - She looked at him the most sincere opinion, what happens in children, and wiped her tears, smearing his fists on the thick cheeks.

Vanya began kissing her again, moving his tongue in her mouth, tasting the teeth, the sky, the gum. Took off her jacket, then they both took off her dress.

Vanya was a skinny and funny looking at her gorgeous body, releasing the breast from her bra, he in turn kissed her nipples and then began to bite, not paying attention to her screams. - Look how I got up, he put her hand on his shirinku. - Get it. Zina dutifully pulled out a member at will and was clumsily smack head, but with heart and desire. Two hands holding his mediocre members all looked at him and tried to see in his eyes, which she lad. - Come on, come on shrimp! substituted her ass, Ill fuck. Zina got on all fours, feeling as painful knees and cold from the damp earth, hands, she inadvertently pressed the growing grass and stood in anticipation.

Vanya smeared his fingers in her lubrication and climbed to the anal hole. - Vanya, do not . . well, where are you going for you? - Zine annoyance turned the hip- Come on! Come in come, and then the priest mosquitoes stung. - Do you think Ill be in your pussy fuck? Once there was a worm?

Neet, I probably planted you in the ass than in the swamp. Ivan pressed the head member on its compression hole and tried to insert, but the purple head slipped past the vile. Carelessly slapping her buttocks and said to relax and try again.

When the head finally came in, Zinka screamed and grabbed hold of the priest. - It hurts! it hurts! I do not want in the ass! Quietly! A guy wants to- man vozmet. - Ivan again shoved his dick into her anus and tried dvigatsya. - patient, get used to it. Zina bit her lip and closed her eyes, feeling like he was tearing her dry hole.

A few minutes later the pain really subsided and she could breathe normally and let it in himself almost entirely. Ivan put his hand into his trouser pocket and pulled out of his slimy friend who is more cringed and tried to get into his shell- shell, although clearly out of it grew. Without ceasing to fuck in the ass, he deftly slipped a creature her vagina and began to hold his hand so as not popped.

Zina was so keen on the new sensations in his pope, that did not even notice how it became nasty worm. While he did not nachalpischat and move inside her. - What are you again? She asked, warily - And you do not feel my friend?

You also nice . . . want to, take his own handle and fuck yourself. And release! " - Come on, fuck, fuck, otherwise I would never marry you, I do not need a roundnose and squeezed a woman! Ivan abruptly went out of the anus, the girl knocked on his back and pressed her hand to pussy sticking out of its merits. Trahan, fuck, he wants you, his face became a sort of animal while wildly anxious, excited.

Tears trickled down her cheeks Zina, she felt so sorry for himself. Trahan! , Wheezing, and he was seen as on his forehead swelled wreaths and skin went red spots. With one hand he held her hand and squeeze a worm, and the other began to strangle the girl, clasping her fingers throat. Zina was frightened, and choking with tears and gasping for breath was put into a creature, feeling as he peeps, lets the bubbles and releases cold, sticky mucus. Vanya sent her neck, lay on its side and began to masturbate, watching as it disappears into a worm up to the shell. finally took pity seeing as the face of Zina takes quite worn out look. - All right, all you can take out . . . . anyway you insensitive fool.

Zina pulled out a slug and tossed onto the grass. " You monster Vanya, you need to be treated. He was still pulling his cock and stared at her semi- naked, lush body, and smiled when she bent over shorts, showing him her bare ass with a big hairy pussy, curly hairs that hung like beard and around the anus was smeared blood and genital lips glistened mucus. Zina dressed quickly, snatched from under his blanket, and taking a thermos, went to the trail. - I am leaving and not gaining on me . . stay with your worm!

Ivan was not going to catch up. Tracing how it goes, with a deliberately slow to stop and asked for forgiveness, rose and filled the term in his pants. Once again I glanced at the path along which escaped from him and Zina went on to catch fish. By the way noticed shriveled slimy friend and with the full force crushed him with his boot. He squeaked miserably and turned into a grease stain with pieces of shell crumble.

A year later, Zina married tractor driver, who was her senior by 14 years, and Vanya twice came to her house at night to write on the fence - " Whore"

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She lives in a remote Siberian town, married to a man much older than her, although she - still a young girl and in my heart and year. She had experience in dealing with their peers no doubt she was even a little longer married to one of them, but, as often happens, interest in adult men outweighed romanticism.

Cosy house, wealth, a sense of security, confidence - all this with dignity to the young temptress has decorative household men of middle age. But it was something that I immediately pulled.

This unrealized passion.

She was a cat in my heart, this female. We frankly were copied, and I felt each of her sentence in her desire to show animal passion, which was lacking in everyday life. She was embarrassed to open toli, toli her husband could not satisfy all her wishes. Very soon, she wrote me that she was ready to pay me - a stranger immediately and unconditionally. What it is ready, being alone, off with his jeans, pants, left in an unbuttoned blouse, go up and vzhatsya in my whole body, putting my hands on my pussy drips.

What is she willing to devote anywhere - in a hotel room, office, at the entrance . . . . Descend in front of me on my knees and eagerly fondle my dick. Pierce the office desk with his hands, sticking out his delicious popochku and humbly to wait and beg me to fuck her. Sit down with me in a taxi in the back seat and get me to caress her grudochki, making his way under the jacket, caressing her excited pussy, making his way under her skirt and panties He was pretending, and then go unkempt, not adjusting clothes to feel that just as it was available real slut.

She was sitting at work, was taken over this state of excitation, and she liked it. She sucked my words so vehemently, as if it was my penis.

I read all this and it appears that in fact it is very modest life girl, which phone is your does not give anyone other than relatives. Who are ashamed to talk with her husband to pronounce a word with a touch of vulgarity. Eh. . If not for the distance. With this he had to do something.

And somehow I have flashed the crazy little thought. I - people are not greedy, why should I be a dog in the manger? And do not eat after all, while others are ignorant. In its proposals, I began to hint that I would be damned nice to hear her story about how she got udovolsvtie and allowed myself to stay with a man who, unlike me, can touch it, can fuck her in present. Me and family life is exciting, but here - to dispose of a girl at a distance - I even became excited by these thoughts.

And with great perseverance began to talk to her about the fact that any man who is next to her with pleasure trahnet her feeling in her slut that she is only a tale eyebrow and liked her a male with her lustful pleasure havoc CIMS, bringing her unforgettable moments of bliss. We played with it. I made her go to the toilet and return to work without underwear, generally come to work without panties, and surprisingly the husband to answer that she is there something rubbed, and this " omission" - for prevention. She sent me her pictures, which caressed his fingers, pushing the sponge, which put your finger in popochku where caressed her nipples - the benefit of almost every phone has fotik.

She became obedient and she liked it. Once she went to the store in quite a short skirt without panties, in boots with high heels. I persuaded her to seize the moment to between the shelves and it was some man and pretend they are interested in it something on the lower shelves.

Do not sit down and bend over, exposing casual observer the opportunity to look at her pussy. She wrote me excitedly. She wrote that when walking around the store and picked the eyes lucky, you just do not finish. Grease a drop trickled down the inside of her thighs and she felt that way.

She chose a man who was almost ready to surrender.

She was too embarrassed and bent not so deeply that he could see her pussy, but enough so that he rolled his eyes.

The next time I asked her to inquire of such a random lucky with something like: " Have you ever tried a fish? " , Or something like that. At that time it was a young lad of twenty - a little younger than her. Once he saw no panties under her skirt, his voice obviously was not very confident, but Annie enjoyed, feeling it tense, agitated, and she is excited. Listening to his erratic response, she simply felt the desire to skin. It has become increasingly ensure that her pussy glistening shaven, to sponges were always soft and excited, and hair care, cut into tiny stripes.

When she worked in the bathroom herself, she often flattered themselves and bring themselves to orgasm, thinking about how to udovolsvtiem I would caress those lips tongue, as if she helped me with their fingers - parting the lips and pulling on my tongue, or whatever I was slowly injected into it excited member, gently pushing the walls of her vagina.

One day I asked her to come in medium- length skirt, stockings, without panties, a blouse that buttons up the front and a semi- bust, a view of her nipples. We were always talking about something, and in the afternoon, I hinted to her that she must now go home by taxi. And in the evening, I tried as much as possible to strengthen its flushed, and then poured on her that in the same taxi, she may fool around with the driver. Well casually get into the car that he saw the edge of her stockings, then lean forward to in section sweaters he saw her open bodice. In short, - to provoke him.

Provoke him so much that he wanted to fuck her. She was frightened at first. It was interesting and scary at the same time. She was anxious and shy. She agreed.

Without the promise of continuing to kotoorom I insisted, but with a willingness to all in the case of sympathy. How can I waited for her story for tomorrow. She began our dialogue with a smile.

And with the words: " Do you like your obedient slut? " . Well, what could I answer?

How do you think?

I was ready to drink all of it without the balance at the moment. Its like a virtual orgasm. Not physically, but in his head burst with pleasure.

I devoured all her words, all the commas and the dots.

Even when she left the office, she was excited. In the absence of panties, casual breeze was for her already sensitive source of caresses. She did not hurry.

She stopped on the roadside. Not trying is stopped everyone, she had chosen.

At least a momentary impression was it arranged. She missed two types. But when they stopped in the third and lowered the window, she leaned over piquant, knowing that he was sympathetic to her and that nice man at this very moment, when she calls looking for her address grudochki, almost did not hide her bra, and only enhances their sexual attraction. Of course he agreed.

You bet. I would also agree. He opened the door and got into the car, she was holding her skirt, that the drivers side, she was thrown so that he saw the edge of the stocking. She straightened her skirt once, and sat down, a little fidgeting popochkoy on the seat, saying that in such a chair is even sit comfortably.

She was nervous, she was ready for everything, so little mischief in the form of her bare feet seemed to her to have a trifle.

She playfully smoothed her skirt, saying that you should not be distracted while driving. She said with a smile and flirting, it feels any man. Therefore, after a few minutes, he replied that he would be happy to digress " is not in motion, and standing position. " If you know some nice place on the way, I do not mind to wait a few minutes to look at the landscape" - an ingratiating she murmured. More hints are not needed.

When the driver stopped the car, her hand was already on his penis, this machine came in fits and starts. Annie leaned over to him,

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