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The basis of love relationships - a high level of empathy, perception, making each others lovers. Against this background, feeling the internal state of another is born behavior, which can be called love. Lets try to describe the behavior of love, to highlight elements of its action. The purpose of love - cause joyful experiences - or the sublime joy of another. Love action - hedonistic, his goal - and pleasure and joy, but, unlike the hedonistic activities in general, are to be called the joy of another. Joy reflected joy of another. It is this state of another becomes the motivating emotion that anticipates. Therefore, the motive of love of behavior we call anticipation of joy from the pleasure of another. The extent to which people can enjoy pleasure of another, ie, the reflected joy, and determines the value hedonistic love of So, love the action is motivated by emotions not your own emotions, and emotions of another*nd these people can anticipate, apprehend. Therefore, the ability to loving action depends on how developed the ability to apprehend the emotional state of another.

It is this ability to experience reflected the experience of another and there is one phenomenon that we call " fusion soul" . Enjoy the pleasure of another, the pleasure of another happy, joy joy to others in a variety of shades of feelings and motivation are the contents amorous action. In contrast to the hedonistic love of action goal and motivation is presented in two ways: a) how to achieve real emotions and joy in one another and b) how the perception of pleasure and reflection of her experience, or rather - prediction, simulation of such an experience. So love the action can not be called hedonistic in the strict sense. It is easy to understand that love action can not be happy if he to whom it is directed, not able to respond in kind. And to be loved, do not so simple, and if a person does not know how to express their feelings, disturbed that the " process" , which could be termed a loving interaction. Erotic behavior can be instrumental ( gentle touch, the excitement ) Perceptive ( directed at the perception of the results of action) ; expressive, verbal, symbolic ( for example, a bouquet of flowers) , in his imagination ( when a person anticipates pleasure, imagining how happy favorite) .

Similarly, can be divided into types of behavior that are part of the action of " being loved" ( instrumental, expressive, verbal, symbolic, mental, etc. ) . Clearly, for the love of interaction effect " to love another" should be supported by retaliatory action " to be loved. Converse is true. Therefore, the lover should be able to " be loved" to develop in a different capacity to love. The practice of psychological counseling gives numerous examples of loving, but not able to be loved by a man behaves in a way that leads to destructive conflicts.

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The more people earn, the more they can afford. Logically, is not it? Let us marvel at what exactly spend money famous Hollywood actors and musicians. The dog Will Smith does not matter to health: four- legged poor suffers from a mental disorder. Therefore, the owner did not fail to take care of the dog and sent him to a psychiatrist, the treatment cost him only 30 000 dollars a year. Yes, and other stars do not suffer from lack of funds and lack of modesty in the crazy spending. Elton John - a romantic nature and loves flowers. In the year of a perishable product costing star in the 419 000 dollars. Many women dream of such fans, but John prefers men. Another popular singer - Usher - proves to the world that love to buy expensive shoes long ago not only a womans prerogative. His favorite running shoes cost 26 000 dollars, and they are not the only ones in the shoe closet pop star.

But the former Beatle, John Lennon, shot the whole department first class on a plane only for himself and his son Sean. Why, you ask. To a baby during the flight could play with his model railroad. Well, do not miss the same child as much as 2 hours! Some celebrities choose to " be all my myself. " In the mouth of the American rapper RV and his wife Kelis travel 36 000 dollars ( in the form of gold teeth) . A colleague Puff Diddy prefers to spend denyuzhku with the breeze, riding a sea yacht, aboard which there are fitness club, a helicopter and a Jacuzzi. All 33 fun cost him his only some 800, 000 green. Life of other stars is not so radiant. Singer Brian Ad 0ms could not make friends with their neighbors, owners of the bar / brasserie. Since that institution was located on the territory bordering on the estate of Adams, his nightly woke merry cries returning visitors to the pub.

Interestingly, the statute tolerate this mockery, the singer bought a devil in the hearts of a bar and ordered to immediately destroy it. This event cost him 680, 000 dollars, to move would have come more expensive, he decided practical rock musician. | | | |

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Gains made by women - is an art, now long out of clubs relations Stone Age. Remember that love, like business, monstrous competition. Your main task, which teach - Stand out, to teach yourself as the sole, unique. Women in fact prefer exclusive, is not it? The first step to conquer has always been and remain.

Do not repeat the old tired platitudes about the beautiful eyes, or beauty, which she and without you know. Be original. A compliment must be weightless and transparent. And more. Any compliment looks better on the background antikomplimenta himself: " I probably seem awfully clumsy on the background of a fragile and gentle girl.

Do not forget about the tone. If you mumbled a silly grinning and spitting at his feet, no effect is, of course, does not produce. Sincerity - weapons bouncer. See his beloved in the eye, but do not run a glance here and there, but seemed to drown in them ( you can work out the mirror, yet no one sees) . The next step - gifts. Do not forget that any of your steps will be considered at the next " meeting of female council" that is in the circle of her friends. It would be absurd for her . Make friends envy her. Even a flower, made of paper in the style of origami and quietly left on her desk, worth more than a million red roses, donated blankly, not to the point. Important Girls like flowers. But there is a girl happier than a girl with a bouquet in a public place. After all, she is so fond of being loved, and flowers as well as possible on this signal.

Never lose its relevance gift that makes your chosen one even more beautiful. Yes, we are talking about jewelry. This gift is presented in a very broad spectrum, does not require serious financial impact, and how to hints of serious intent. Besides a girlfriend, do not tire of repeating about them, notice the new ring or earrings just in the first fraction of a second at the meeting. Select other gifts depends on personal preference girls, which well talk now. Remember the scene in the restaurant from the movie " Groundhog Day" , when the protagonist, having learned absolutely everything about the tastes of women, which has decided to initiate relations, conquers it in seconds. Get some information about her favorite style of music, film, plate, color, adorable in a childs toy, and even the most horrible nightmare. Sources of information may be shared friends, photo albums, unexpected sentence for a cup of coffee. Even from the questionnaire in the social network can tell a lot. Needless to lie, that you like all the same thing, just let her feel happy. Just imagine her reaction when we meet you suddenly turn on precisely the track is THAT artist. Surround her with positive emotions, prepare the same cake that she loved as a child.

As you can see, nothing complicated in these councils do not. Be successful, gaining recognition! You only need to give the girl what she really wants. After all, she wants little: warmth, sincerity and love. Love and be loved!

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a person simultaneously acquires and common cultural traits, and individual, ie, those which are manifested originality and uniqueness of man. This process of individuation also covers the psychosexual sphere. Therefore, the principle of individual approach can be defined as the proportionality of means and methods of education to the individual characteristics, the development of individuality and uniqueness of the individual, so unique that no would be inconsistent with the requirements of culture. In love satisfied many needs, and personality need to be in love satisfied most fully. Need to be accepted by other children is sufficiently developed. One of the mistakes of education in general and particularly sex education - constant comparison with other children. The tendency to social comparison subsequently develops traits such as vanity, pride, envy. No need to endlessly compare, well- intentioned teacher, his desire to cause a desire to imitate a good model, as a rule, lead to the opposite, or negation of the sample, or the loss of individuality. Everything is good in moderation. Take your children with their advantages and disadvantages, do not be afraid that you fix these shortcomings.

No, taking the child, young person such as he is ( and this boy, for example, engaged in self- satisfaction, such as ) , We are developing in him mental strength of individuality, which, in turn, increase the ability to self- control. The level of sexual development. How to premature sexual development, and its delay, we must be able to recognize, to measure ones actions. Manifestations of early development in boys is often referred to as bullying or moral degradation and take " appropriate" measures is the use of which, of course not. There should be something quite different - for example, sport. Giperfemininnoe behavior of girls do not usually cause for concern, because these girls are not rowdy and not violate the discipline. However, educators often called giperfeminnost mental retardation, if, for example, a girl of fifteen years of playing with dolls. In fact, it is - a manifestation of the extraordinary power of motherhood. Schools and parents often suppress these manifestations, thus causing dangerous deviations that lead to neurosis. We must know that maternal behavior can not be considered a product of " sexual desire, which fear educators. Sexual attraction is determined by the male principle, namely androgens in the blood of women. Since puberty is true maternal behavior weakens and is replaced by the need to communicate with boys. Maternal behavior increases and reaches a higher level after birth. At a delay of sexual development should be possible to accelerate it.

The most ancient mechanism to accelerate and puberty - communication with the opposite sex. The mere perception of a male female, according to experts on ethology, accelerates the process of maturation. We have no reason to deny similar mechanisms in humans. Literature, which describes the erotic relationship, movies, of course, accelerate the psychosexual development. Pornographic literature and video, slides, photos can help a deviant behavior in sex, not enough for a teenager critically perceives what he sees. He has a desire to imitate, which often leads to injury. It is therefore important to develop a teenager right attitude to this kind of products seksbiznesa. It should be borne in mind that the substitution of natural stimuli by artificial in any case very bad psychosexual development rights. Accounting personality traits. Choosing the sublimation activity, we must take into account the peculiarities of a teenager, its orientation, abilities, especially temperament. It makes no sense to forbid, if you know that sexual attraction teenager or young man can not contain only an effort of will. Then you need to find ways to change, using both ( Conversion, transfer, transition) the dominant need. Clearly, this requires a good knowledge of the needs of our children, pupils.

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- Yes it is! - Thought Marina. The day did not start in the morning. And now she stood near the garbage, and looked at what was supposed to be already in the garbage, but for some reason, lying on the ground. How out of place, looked handsome neighbor.

He recently stopped in Marinkin house, and they were not familiar. " Excellent, first meeting, and Im all in potato peelings. The door opened wider than the adjoining apartment, and the guy came out with a broom in his hands. - Hi, I thank. - Marina - Marina growled in response. - I have often happens, be sure to pack for something and get caught all the trash on the floor. So keep a broom near the door. Marina reached for a broom and what faltered for a jar of spoiled pickles, and fell on the floor, bathed in brine, at the feet of Slavik. Tears gushed from the eyes themselves. Fifteen minutes later, when the entrance was already removed, Marina sat in the kitchen with a new acquaintance and drank tea, and bad mood was gone. - Slav, my friends birthday, and of course if you have no plans for the evening, come with me? Marina herself was frightened of his proposal. Well, like a nice guy has no plans yet as it is, I suppose. - With pleasure, I even cook - Slavik was glad to get acquainted with his neighbor. He had been observing her and all did not know how to approach. - You know, Ive long wanted to meet you, but could not imagine that this will occur among the debris and pickles. They both laughed. The evening was a great success, all the girls were delighted with the new friend Marina. In life, not everything goes as planned and all that is done the better. A Marina and Slava three months later began to live together and the story of his acquaintance told anybody.

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I write about feelings. Yes they are important and they lead me. Do I want to feel nothing? No Even the most disgusting feeling I would not want to forget, but I would like to experience again and again.

I am addicted feelings and I am ready to sacrifice everything for them. I only recently realized this and now everything I do, I try to catch and remember the feeling and the main thing I try to find new ones. Im not trying to feel a sense of infinite adrenaline or drugs eclipse of the brain. I know it, and I will remember this forever and can easily remember, and not something that would survive them, but feel them with his memory. In fact, I believe that only feelings are of any importance in this world. In the end, what we all do, all for the sake of feeling, but we rarely pay attention to them when you feel them. My favorite feeling is a kiss with his girlfriend, nothing so dizzy and did not make me feel such an incredible harmony mixture of other feelings, like a kiss. It is a pity that keep these same feelings I started so late, its so cool when youre ill, to take a moment to think about who you want to experience again. This text is mad, mad, only because I write about this and write in such form, but I do not know how to write .

And I eat for the sake of sensation. I feel a lot of them, and they are totally different and most beautiful things, describing, I remember their great number in the ocean, which I never cross. The most disgusting feeling, admit it and most beautiful things since the last time I kissed a girl that I love, but it probably never will be mine.

Hot? 2e know what I felt at that moment that I will describe, and I will hurt and pleased to describe it. And in equal measure because of the humiliation and feeling of the sublime, I will describe it.

I described the humiliation only because only a crushed and humiliated people can think about what he was doing wrong, just as he thought. More and more I realize how I was wrong and how I would like to change everything, if I had a second chance, but it is not. Now a terrible pain in my chest, I know that feeling well, although it samosilno apparent when I lost a loved one. Yes, then it is manifested quite strongly, so much that I hardly felt it as much as anything, at least I do not remember. I then wanted to die, more than anything else.

I did not even want to return it, I just wanted to die, and this is one of the most beautiful feelings, for which I am most grateful to this world. It is this sense proved to me, and I is extremely necessary, that would have to know that I loved her. And let it now not with me, but I now know. I regret that I did not die. Perhaps this feeling and deprived me of happiness, which I will never get, but I did not know that it happens and I said no. Or rather I tried to tell her this, she told me and warned, but too late I began to understand this, and although I can not understand until its all so much myself, I would like. But all too late to regret. I still ask about death, because every day this terrible pain just tears me to pieces, and I just feel it. The worst feeling is to feel at the very bottom and you know that the emptiness and even though I, at least I think so, pay a price that would have to forget everything and start all over again.

But this is not a life in which you can click on the restart. I do not have a second chance, and I admit that I am a loser. Not a lot of people who can call himself happy throughout life. I once promised myself to take care of the man whom I love, but I forgot it and lost everything, deservedly. Brutally not remember that love is one of the ugly feelings.