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nascar fans selling race tickets to fans Travel company. Used the services of travel companies "..

nascar fans selling race tickets to fans

Travel company. Used the services of travel companies " . . Rating: 4. 9 When buying travel Finland- Sweden, in the tour program was a visit to water park and the city . When boarding the bus guide gave us another tour program, where there was no Aquapark. On the 3rd day of the trip, so do not trip took place in Uppsala, for unknown reasons. Hoping to visit the water park, we took our bathing suit, which occupied much space in your bag.

In addition, to inform us about the time of departure, the staff of the company " Neva" call on the phone number, which we for communication. We left a phone number, which is always available, and they called on a home, which is apparently found by name in any database. It gave me a lot of inconvenience, because I do not reside there.

Actually I think riding stupidity and complete lack of tact to make calls to home number, which we did not leave. In the claim, sent me by mail, no reply I received. Surprisingly, such an attitude from the company with a reputation, the desire to access them even fell off once and for all.

comfort inn by the bay Thus, the beginning of June, and Im flying a Cyprus in Ayia Napu (the place

comfort inn by the bay

Thus, the beginning of June, and Im flying a Cyprus in Ayia Napu ( the place was not chosen me by accident, because it is considered the second Ibiza, and I love the cheerful holiday. Just lie on the beach - its not for me) . Rested at the hotel . About the hotel: located 5 minutes from the center of entertainment on the first coastline.

Very cozy, with polite staff. But I do not want to tell you about the hotel, but the night life. Once you get to the street, where there are many bars and discos, you realize that you were in that place where we wanted to reach. Everywhere many people, cheerful and lively ( for all 15 days I have never met a sad there is not a smiling person) who wish to obtain the maximum enjoyment from the rest. Basically there is a rest British, but there are also Italians, Germans, Slovaks, etc.

What I am particularly pleased that there are few Russian ( at least on the street of bars and discos, I never met them) . The first day I found a girlfriend, with whom, and lit the entire holiday. Bars are beginning to work from 22. 00 until 1. 00. Then he opened a disco. Many bars for every taste ( they literally littered with the whole street) .

Alcohol costs from $ 4, but the girls should not think about it, because there assumed that the man always pays : - ) , but when I tried several times to pay for themselves, the men told me that this is wrong. Yes, I advise you to study English to those who do not know, because there without it anywhere. In the bars you can dance everywhere - on tables, bar counters, chairs ( if you want, it is not prohibited) : - ) ) before each bar is the so- called " barkers" who hand out flyers for free drinks or flyer, you buy one drink, pop 3chaesh second ( or 2) free, which significantly saves money: ) ) ) Disco: entrance to the disco is from 6 to 10 $ , but if before the hour of the night to pass on the street, you can get a free ticket ( although it is valid to 1. 30 nights) . The most important disco - Castel ( castle) , it consists of 4 dance floors. Most cool room - R & B, where the largest concentration of people. Near Castel disco Starkys. Its main attraction - round the bar, where girls can dance ( that recent success and are doing) . The next club - Carwash, with music the 80s and more modern.

At the beginning of the street is Club Ice, there are theme parties - foam, etc. popkornovye Discotheque open until 4 am. Then you can go to the after party - Club River Reggi with swimming pools, where you can relax up to 11 days. Ayia Napa - is a super resort! Everyone who loves fun - must visit this place. There are no boring!

best travel sites Hotels, beaches and other ...Before that I was in Hurghada 10 years ago, and

best travel sites

Hotels, beaches and other . . . Before that I was in Hurghada 10 years ago, and there was one - in a sort of promotional tour. But I wanted to show my wife there the fish on the reefs of coral, and she was all hot. However, sell on.

Specially selected early October - this time without the thermometer under forty, but still without winter zamorochek with the wind and cold water near the shore. With weather guessing. Yes, the ash- pit in the morning, to the delight of visitors.

But the evening was quiet. And warm at night. Temperatures during the day - 30- 32, the water somewhere 25 - where the depth of more than a few meters. In shallow waters in the morning already prohladnenkaya . . . Queries for comfort not have any. We had a) a beach hotel to a bathing suit out of the room to the water, b) ALL, that tea- beer- not to look for water, c) corals on the beach, d) the minimum value of e) smaller crowds, bustle and din. Search among hotel- fours, and from large, such as thesis, the operators have decided to give up - they have huge blocks of seats, respectively - very often " Russia" hotels, and cockroaches in the minds of our countrymen and in Moscow, pretty bored.

Because the proposal Voyage- Suite Hotel with Shams Safaga seemed most attractive. Less than a thousand dollars per couple for a week, which was also important. Hotels in different directories is usually a foursome. In U- L - 3 + , and rightly so.

Hotel is old ( but green! ) , Staff special zeal is no different, kitchen - not " Negresco" , of course - but the level is, in principle, worthy. The fact that the public at this hotel is going badly is not poor, but - " sick in the head" : surfers, kiter, divers. Comfort them on the drum, the money they spend on their hobby. What kicks experiencing German pensioner, I never understood, but there is also enough - tihinkie, chinnye, sleek . . . Beach " spisfichesky" - a large space with an ideal shallow sandy bottom.

At the coast - on the knee, 70- 100 yards - all on the ankle, then gradually becoming more depth. Coral " hill" starts somewhere meter depth, most of them by 3- 4 meters, so that even those who are looking at them from above, shows well. And who dives - makes it easy. Major fish have been right on the beach - a few species of butterfly fish, angelfish, lion, stingrays, clown fish, several varieties of fish, parrots, Kuzovkov. And a lot of species, whose names I do not remember. Stingray seen - almost a meter in diameter. Handsome! Jerzy - only at depth, beachgoers are not dangerous. Nowhere have I seen so many shells on the beaches - clams, pearl, several types of wound, including those with long rays ( not special, all the names I do not know) . One rather large found the mollusk inside - meters in seven or eight total.

Released - runs now, I suppose, is pleased . . . In the morning on the beach - while " dosochnikov. Divers have dragged their containers on ships and blurred on selected dive sites. Beachgoers finishes morning coffee. And surfers are already saddled board.

Their territory - the right side of the beach. Left, five hectares ( or ten? ) Luxury shallow - pasture kiteboarders. An ideal place for learning, but also the master Shams does not stop at the beach - here the best kite- zone in the region of Hurghada. Between the kiter and surfers vygorozhenny floats " reserve" for swimmers. From the side - its quite small, but, in principle, it is enough - the main rifiki coral at depths of up to 3 meters are inside the floating border. Evening beach turns into Broadway. " Dosochniki" went to drink beer, the wind died down, the sea is perfectly seen the sunset ( the sun sets in the mountains - a super- spectacle, mouth razinesh! ) - And people walking on water. If anyone imagines himself to Moses and wants to translate his people through the Red Sea - here a great trainer! The evening on the walls of the hotel run gekkonchiki, gaping eat mosquitoes. On the palm trees are maturing dates.

Once recruited to the grass, washed. Nothing very even. In any case, do not compare with those pink and crispy tightly astringent mouth dates, which are served on buffet. I ask - why immature? From different people received two responses. The first - and the Egyptians are fond of it, and not ripe and sweet! The second seemed more plausible - Season mass dates only in November, and the fruit variety should provide. Beer is good wine - shit, touched by the Egyptian gin Gordoon` s ( Double O) and vodka in Finland, too, with some conspicuous misspelling - Finalandia, it seems. In the use of mixtures possible, but in minimal doses.

A beer and the Czechs, and Germans drank with pleasure. Take a taxi to Safaga. Convinced that there is nothing to watch - so, ethnographic excursion on " The Life of Egyptians outside the tourist trail. The most pleasant impression was of a bot- trip to the coral reefs. Three stops, two of which are quite spectacular reefs, one - in the mediocre. In the process, spouses have chosen your hotel, " If I again go to Egypt" - Sheraton Soma Bay.

And not five stars it attracted, and luxury corals near the shore, a card- guarded snorklerov and divers from all around. I think Ill go with it too. But such images can be rented near the beach during low tide . . . Luxor Initially wanted to go to Luxor in the small tour at the Mini Bus - 10- 12 people. But local Toyota Mini Bus forced to abandon the idea - a close, uncomfortable seats, air conditioning ahead - the first in the cabin and blows cold, the rear - hot. For 4 hours in this box ( one way) we are not smiling, because a large herd went on a big bus. White Angel, a host country, took away their two trips unimportant chips - the temple of Hatshepsut and Luxor Temple. But he warned about this beforehand. Guides agree, far more pleasant to carry people along the little factory - alabaster, papyrus . . . All buses going from the coast to 7- 00 in Safaga and total column moving in Luxor.

They say, for security, but inside the bus convoy chase with each other for a sweet soul . . . On the way - stop allowing local Bedouins to earn extra money from tourists. Started with the Karnak temple. The fact that the buses come jambs, makes itself felt - a huge ( the worlds largest temple in the open air! " ) Tourists squeezed himself, as in a subway car at rush hour. But an hour, almost all washed away, you can safely shoot. Fortunately, we do not first come to the temple. Conditioned papyrus little factory seemed a paradise after openly pressed sun in Karnak. Thats uncle says, as do the papyri, and why not buy exactly the same with the hands. But the advantages of SLR cameras, before the soap dish - soap dish as a reflection not snimesh J.

Lunch at the restaurant on the Nile ashore ( drinks at additional charge, as usual) , and then a boat trip on the west bank. The boy in tiller outboard invites everyone to take a picture with him, then with all the demands baksheesh. Twenty dollars is gaining . . . Touching the fishermen on the shore - " Crocodile is not caught, does not grow a coconut" , panimaish! And cruise ships - huge floating boxes. Bus, circled over the bridge, already waiting - and we popped in for five minutes to the Colossi of Memnon - Here they are, see - go to the Valley of the Kings. According to my past memories, withering heat is here - but this time evening comes, breathe easier, because even the longest descents in three different Ramses tomb do not seem fatal stunt.

Police with Kalashnikovs Romanian production willingly photographed with the girls and, tellingly, do not extort baksheesh. But traders karaulyaschie a bus, as fallen off a cliff - the end of shifts, but still so much untapped commodity! One thing I ( I, a quiet and cultured! ) Seems to have sent in plain text . . . The last test was the alabaster factory. Three " demonstrator" Bale hammers for the procurement of even trying something grind, but after the photo shoot - when the bus passengers are drawn into the shop door - instantly lay their work aside.

The way back - again escort. And how great that we have settled in Safaga - we leave an hour earlier than the rest of the passengers!

corporate travel policy Our trip was planned in advance, was read a lot of different information

corporate travel policy

Our trip was planned in advance, was read a lot of different information about this country, reviews and other things that probably many people do before going to a new country. Having solved all the issues for a visit - we happily, almost two months, bought the tour and could only wait. For

decided not to pay and get them on arrival (Ill write a little ahead, we are probably lucky visa on arrival we were quickly and without cost, which were of course pleased).

Here we passed the passport control, and we are already in Ho Chi Minh City. Coming out of the airport building, we knew where we were, stuffy and a lot of Vietnamese and vetnamok and everything seemed to someone they met, but they are really a lot, all the small and funny (in a good sense of the word). Hurray we are in Vietnam!

Then we had to fly to the city Nyachang, leaving from the airport building, we asked an employee where we have to go for it, he told us (a little while and right), we did so, the elevator went up to the departure hall and began to calmly wait for their registration by drinking juice and eating at on a sandwich. But an hour later, something we were undecided, that none of our aircraft in this room there, surely no one goes to such a wonderful city Nyachang. But looking at the scoreboard registrations, realized that local flights are not at all, but sent us the employee is clearly not there, or we do not understand. Well that between flights was a lot (to put it mildly) the time (I had to wait about 6 hours). But nothing happens after such a long night flight and not as neponyatki. We found a local terminal (not to compare, of course with many others much more modest, and repairs are not there quite a while bylaF1udya around). Going to be away and at the same time, changing the cart for luggage. At the local terminal, we saw a few of our people, quietly dozing on benches. Registration went very early and getting up at 2 floor walked to shops (different shops, selling souvenirs, the most necessary, yuvelirkoy and all that). Also there is a restaurant where you can eat and most importantly there is a spa salon (decent), where after a long flight, you can relax, that I was such a pleasure to have done. Foot massage for 30 minutes is 6 $, very nice done. Room with a lotus, muted light and aromas of herbs I was very impressed and massage was fabulous. I recommend to all!

Hereafter will result in some prices, which believe that the lack of feedback. Maybe this will help, anyone else plan a budget trip.

In Nyachang course we flew, we were greeted and brought to the dock (because the hotel we had Vinperl), and the hotel we have traveled ourselves on speed boat (3-5 min.). Guide was unobtrusive, left his business card, Join for trips, small dictionary of Russian-Vietnamese (A4 format), and all at the same time we parted. Hotel Reviews Vinprel wrote separately.

The first day has arrived, has settled, it was already evening (and the second day of our tour: one day of the second flight of the day, too, accommodation + flight) and did not want to go anywhere, there were two desires to eat and sleep, which we did. Supped at the hotel in the Italian restaurant (for two 35 $ c 2 cans of beer) and went to sleep.

In this hotel we stayed 9 days, they went to a couple of evenings to stroll around the city. We looked at how local people live and I must say very frugal people eat their noodles with fish sauce and smelly in the morning until late at night, and the houses and along roads with such wild movement and the stench of exhaust fumes different

and Moto. Different levels of life people live so close, some home to remind sheds more than housing people and stood next to luxury homes with garages and all very colorful. But they are all tall and narrow. In the town are very few cars, mostly Motik and wild bespravilnoe movement, going all they want and everyone is beeping noise and hum of that is nekhilyy. Eat need to know where, but you can get in a cafe with unsanitary conditions and not always tasty, but deshevoooo, as so many write in their reviews. In a normal institution normally eat two of them adults, drinking while on the heft a mug of beer costs about the same everywhere in the $ 20-35 depending on what you take to eat (like pasta or seafood, the latter will be more expensive of course). In Nyachange there are a few decent places, in our opinion, in which we managed to dine. This drunk bar of Louisiana (the excellent beer and food, the situation just super, the sea, even has a swimming pool you can swim and eat and drink more, you can catch lobster, shrimp and other marine gadikov fresh and to order them to prepare for your wishes. Beer is brewed directly this bar, in the presence of 5 grades).

Cafe Sayling club respectable institution, has already been written about it rewritten.

There is a seafood restaurant at the end of the quay, take a taxi (taxi waiting for you without any warning), theres nothing, but far away (you can eat fresh seafood), there are 3 restaurants nearby. Its better to go in the evening for dinner, the evening is beautifully illuminated at sea so long lanterns () see photo), we decided that there under the water in which these cells and then throw some livestock. But just as they can in town to eat, so do not necessarily go so far.

Instead Saylinga a cafe (at the entrance to Mill), a good institution, but there is no menu in Russian. Near the mill there is a restaurant where you can eat delicious ice cream. There is Spanish restaurant La Mancha (in Spanish for a spot), not bad, but it we did not hit, although passed by many times, but were always well fed. Eating out I have listed as a priority for me, starting with the very best seats.

Shops in Nyachange is just a shop with clothes and souvenirs. All clothes in small sizes, but if large, then how absurd it sewn. If you walk or drive to the store Maksimark in 2 floors (there is a photo) that he has a trade from the streets, in one of the streets you can buy shoes local tailoring, more mens shoes than womens. The quality of the average, there are products, like natural leather, and a substitute. At the market you can buy souvenirs and fruit, really cheap, but do not forget to bargain. Magnets interesting, almost no national, magnets are the only two pupae (Vietnamese and Vietnamese see photo), but at the airport in DB for 3 $ you can buy a decent magnet with the words of Vietnam. Of the gifts like figurines of girls in the national hat worth $ 2.4, depending on size (see photo). Sami Vietnamese cheaper place to buy hats in Saigon before the trip on the Mekong River, unless of course there will get, the approximate value of nearly 1 $ 2 $ is simple and large embroidered (a picture), we were safely on the gifts they brought 5 pieces in a simple package, my friends were satisfied. Very large selection of spices, well this is for fans of course.

Voobshchem walk around the city, we quickly tired of it and we started looking for something to amuse himself with, except the sea and sun. And one day went to the island of the monkeys themselves, first by taxi to the pier (to go for a long time is $ 13 one way), then bought tickets for $ 7 per couple sailed on the boat with local, on the island. If you want to 3 islands (monkeys, orchids, deer), you need to arrive early at the port because boat goes only in the morning. We swam only to monkeys, they arrived there, the store bought sugar cookies (there were sunflower seeds, bananas, or dr.fruktov was that we seemed odd) and went in search of monkeys. They found them there a lot, not very large, but brazen, raid mob, those who ponaglee slush small and fight a life and death. We were in such cases, a torn off nose and injuring another kids ear and he was covered in blood. Not a very pleasant sight of course. I am so sorry for them, even crying. Sharp lookout should be kept with them there. As I got out of a cookie from a pack on me jumped a monkey and shouting and roaring grabbed the whole pack of cookies and running and the whole crowd behind her. (see the photo). It is ridiculous of course probably be observed from the outside, but Im very scared, suddenly as it all happened. Then she climbed on top of a tree and sat eating alone, not allowing anyone to him. We bought another packet of biscuits and again went to feed them, but it was not there, one local woman asked me for a cookie, I handed her a pack then passed over the crowd of local people who came to the island with us and were all eagerly grab my cookies, I was shocked, but then when I came to the aid of her husband and all of them dispersed. Perhaps they do the poor and have no money to buy these biscuits, but empty hands to the monkeys are not suitable. After some time her husband had bitten a monkey (beware it is a bit shabby), the cookies she probably was not enough and not enjoying plenty of socializing with these savages, we had to go back to the hotel that would take measures to decontaminate wounds. That happened this trip to the island of monkeys. Voobshchem turned himself go a little expensive, but with the local tour is 6 $ c rights, you takes a bus and brought back.

We also have plans was necessary to visit the famous mud baths. And one day we went there. We arrived by taxi on the way visiting the reclining Buddha, and the tower (Ill write more about it) the taxi driver waiting for us everywhere, paid for a stroll 12,5 $. We took the tickets in the VIP rooms are $ 145 per room all day if they shake, have a rest. Worth the money. In the general procedure (ie, swimming pool and shared bath with mud and think to whom you have to plant), it cost quite cheap, do not remember exactly how many. So, we selected room (there are pictured) had all the rest and relaxation, namely, sun loungers, table, wardrobe, safe, TV with Russian as the first channel, fridge, Jacuzzi, bath with mud (or rather an empty, dirt, we recruited themselves) and course, bathroom with toilet (shampoos little better bring, if you plan to you washed the head is there for the services of VIP room). Looking around and getting ZU from pretty girls, we have made a booking for dinner (because it was almost evening), it consisted of a hot meal for each person from the menu, choose a few good options. For beer separately paid 3 $ for the two banks. First, we paddled in the pool (hes one for all VIP clients, we had it 4 brow.) About 15 minutes, mineral water is very warm, pleasant relaxation, then already in the room took the mud for 20 minutes (useful, and to anoint the face of this mud), in This bathroom, two adults can easily fit forehead, why is it always pops up, it is very difficult to drown himself, and do not forget to wear old bathing suits that would not mind it, there certainly is old bathing suits and swimming trunks for men, but nobody knows whos up to you they fart, but if you VIPe, it is possible and naked. After 25 minutes, you enjoy a Jacuzzi, too cool and watch TV lying down. Then the fun begins - massage for each of 100 minutes, its certainly something. We are husband and I have a one-room spread in different lounges / tables and then is started, the little girl masseuse that not only did with us, crushed so that all the bones crunched, climbed on to us as monkeys and from time to time by checking our well-being asked: okay maam? I had once stolen the breath that I could not reply, I wonder what she thought at the time Then we went to the room where we were in for a delicious dinner with a beer. Meals were cooked beautifully, we really liked. Then we came home TK, it was almost seven oclock in the evening (and this institution has only until 7), was very sorry that we did not come earlier to spend more time there. When we left, we were offered to wash and hair drier and a manicure and pedicure, we politely declined. We were handed a packet of dried mud and a jar of ready-made mud, all these services are included in the price + more homes were taken away in a steep (for Vietnam) machine. Voobshchem we were very happy, wanted to come again, but not developed, but very sorry. I recommend everyone take a portion of health in such a nice place like Thabba. There are photos you will see all the rooms.

With regard to visits to the towers, cheap entry for 1 $, less pure, but to see and sfotatsya enough for 15-20 minutes, like it. When you exit a trade stalls, selling all kinds of souvenirs, pearls, you can walk to see and even buy something.

Visited the Buddha, free entrance, a lot of children of different ages who do not leave us alone until then do not buy anything from them (sell incense, cards). The place is very dirty, I do not know, how can you relate to your deity. Quickly all the podcast in a taxi and go further. Precipitate an unpleasant stay.

All the rest of the time (and it is not too much left) we spent at the hotel, sunbathing, playing volleyball and of course visiting the spa procedures. The city is only one decent salon called SU SPA ridiculous price (body massage 1 hr 22 $). But do not visit the spa salons where the legs are drawn with dots, cheap Salons steal (that and not notice), cheat and not very clean. And the people who work there are not professionals. In the evening went to town to eat and drink a beer, take a stroll along the waterfront to eat popcorn (very tasty). Thats over our quiet rest in Nyachange.

I began excursion saturated days. At 1.5 days, we flew to Kombodzhu (Siem RIEPA). For the first time confronted with a situation that the flight was not detained but rather was sent earlier, barely had time on the plane, the time between planes were not many (already knowing where and how), we quickly moved into the halls plural missions and seeing our registration (as it should have was to be), we immediately asked what it was, it turned out that everything has already been registered and are just waiting for us, we are the last passengers of the aircraft.

As a result, the plane flew for 40 minutes before (by depriving us of time to visit the DB), respectively, we arrived too early and of course us at this time no one expected, we calmly drank beer in a bar, looked around and waited for their guide. I note that the airport Siem RIEPA us very much. Money for the visa collects uncle open diplomat filled with bundles of bucks, like a safe, very cool. Visas for $ 20 with the snout, but they say there are cases that directly, in a brazen extort huge sums for a visa (as happened with some friends, a little earlier. The situation was resolved only when, they said they would call the consulate). So be alert and have a number of TF consulate.

Kombodzha hotel we had Apsara Holiday 4 *, decent. (There is in the photo), were fed the same delicious, the patio is the pool (swim), there is also a massage place, right by the pool can pomassazhirovatsya. The next day was the excursion to the temples with a short break for lunch and rest. Temples words can not describe the need to watch us very much. See some of them on my photo. Hard all day to walk, very stuffy and hot. People just tourist crowd, mostly Koreans and Japanese, our very small. The temples are open till 6 pm, and then they walk different livestock from forests, such as monkeys, snakes (in the woods they are many in Kombodzhe forbidden to eat snakes). We wanted to feed the monkeys bananas, that would pass the time before sunset, but there are well-fed and spakoynye monkeys, that they do not want to even bananas, and compare them with the monkeys in Vietnam. All the bananas had to feed elephants. In the evening we were taken to dinner at a restaurant with a huge national show. The choice of food was great, we all certainly not tried, but found a vkusnyashek ate and forgive us Cambodians could not watch the show, in the middle of the submission we left (left on the fat TOUQUET - very cool) to the hotel to rest. It really was a busy day. And of course not included in the Happy pizza. The next day we walked to the neighboring shops bought a souvenir shop, a massage and went to the airport, although the plan we had another trip to the temples, but we moved the flight to a previous time, and we oblamalis. But we had plenty of time to walk along the DB, although there is little, drank some coffee, departure detained not for long. There is internet at the airport, where the cafe, very cheap. There is a spa salon can do foot massage.

Kombodzha we liked, people are hospitable, but very poor. Of course there is too dirty.

In the afternoon came in, once we were taken to a military museum (like it), looked at the main post office, Noter Dame de Saigon, and a market that closes at 6 pm, take note of this. Market impressed by the huge costs stinks not breathe, people crowd. We bought tea and coffee. There is one kind of coffee did not remember the name, but they are all more expensive than 65000 dong per 100 grams, the smell of chocolate is very tasty and very strong with the other varieties do not compare () The remaining class of about 25-35 thousand VND per 100 grams worth). Recommend it to buy. A lot of selling flowers (the day was a holiday - 8 March), the bunch was so many that their eyes get, well, very beautiful. By evening we were settled in the hotel Mifuki (hotel seems new, or after reconstruction), all clean, stilnenko, prettyish. Rooms are also very good. I filmed all, look at the photo. The hotel is 5 minutes walk from the market. The hotel has free internet (we certainly took advantage of this) it is next to reception by guarantee. Also the hotel has a spa center (not enough time for his visit) and a cafe on Odom from the upper floors with views of the city. Breakfasts at the bottom (basement) is very modest.

The next day we waited for a fascinating tour of the Mekong River.

Full day tour, interesting. Brought to the island, where there are various fruits, it was interesting to see if there is toffee is made from a coconut, you can watch the process, try and buy, and sell this coconut various trinkets souvenirs. And the most valuable thing you can and need to buy a cream containing snake venom, called kobratoks, costs only 20,000 VND ($ 1.3) per tube immediately take the package (10 tubes) is really cool already checked quickly relieves pain in joints, can cause on open wounds. A good gift for your friends and loved ones we gave away, all call and say, that helps a lot. Buy this ointment is only possible on this trip. After being taken to another island, where people live on a small pony you provezut on this island village, and you see how they live there, at a local cafe will offer you fruit and a surprisingly delicious tea with honey (the bees are not biting) right here honey and you can buy a small plastic bottle is worth $ 3.3 or 50,000 VND. Buy a, although not a fan of honey, now in the evenings sipping tea with honey and remember Vietnam. Then we drove through the narrow channel of the river in boats, very nicely on both sides of palm trees, close the sun is a mysterious and cool, then we waited vkusneyschy lunch consisting of interesting fish (elephant ear), the meat of this fish with rice noodles and lazy girl with gloves (strerilno) wrapped in rice pancakes and we ate them with sauce, still gave the soup some obscure fact brought three huge shrimp (if they have been cleaned) and rice with seafood, at the end of tea was served. Ate themselves, I also feed the local dog, DAK she then did not depart from me, so funny. Over the next table, our Russian tourists have ordered a cobra and a cook in front of the entire fair public benefit from it a beating heart, the sight is not for the faint of heart. Personally, I even let a tear, well, very sorry this was a cobra, she was held behind his head, and she brought up the tail, very much wanted her to live. This picture is clouded me lunch. Well, do not eat the cobras they do too want to live. After lunch we went to the pier, finally glancing Mekong River. Good turned poezdochka.

We arrived early, to avoid going to a public stores. Osvezhivschis in the room walked up to the market bought more coffee and rice cakes, which tasted on trips would highly recommend to buy, they are sold in the market and in the DB is worth $ 1 a bag, theres a lot of its dry. At home moisten them they can put anything you like, for example, finely chopped fresh herbs, fried and sliced chicken and a piece of SW. cucumber wraps it all with any sauce, eat, have tried all liked very much regret that only bought 2 bags of these pancakes, as they look to see photos. More fruit and I bought a small gift, a set of white gold with topaz: ring, earrings and pendant with chain (it came out very expensive not struck a bargain for $ 250). For dinner, went to the mall, Zen Plaza, where a 5-floor great sushi bar, sushi is quick, tasty and not expensive. And all packed up and left the next morning had to leave. So was our vacation and go home.

As a result, spent $ 2,500 for two people for 2 weeks, cyuda entered and visas Kombozhdu + departure is that it took, souvenirs (magnets, hats NHO, kovshichek coconut, statues, incense, trinkets), several excursions, taxis, gratuities in cafes, taxi drivers, guides, drivers and just the poor kiddies on candy, spa procedures and ate only in expensive institutions, and of course a little shopping (a few t-shirts, shorts, a pair of T-shirts, a pair of shoes, a pair of bags, suitcase, jacket, gold + DB (+ bottles of perfume and trifle). enough money for everything, but if you do not show off, you can spend much less money.

Outcome: No luck with the sea (storm and the water was holodnyuchaya), dirty and rats do not like it, did not like it when the guide in Saigon, literally forced to buy something on an excursion, simply begged, and at the end of the tour said that we should give the driver a tip, did not liked what he saw and photographed me, not hiding it, thereby giving me in an awkward position, not like that before you can easily fly package with debris.

But lucky with hotels along the route, like me, visited spa salons, delighted with the mud baths in Nyachange, only fond memories of trips on the Mekong River.

We hope that Vietnam will become cleaner, rats mensche, people richer, and we there yet come.

With love your bjaka.

calgary travel agencies Who does not know about Muin? About Muin know everything. So we spent New

calgary travel agencies

Who does not know about Muin? About Muin know everything. So we spent New Year holidays in this glorious place. Bad or good - is not about that. The main thing is that there is no feeling that you are somewhere in the territory

- names, Russian menu, Russian food, Russian people ... From the exotic - crabs, snakes, well, more and palm trees.

All the "known" tourist trails have been completed well in advance that they have become known. But awl else no one pulled out! Therefore, forward - looking for new places.

We took a taxi (although better to go to Motobike, not t tied to the driver and then you can stay anywhere they choose). The road-trip cost about 800 000 VND. In that capacity taxi - 7 persons. Distance - 50 km from Phan Thiet, time on the road - 40 minutes.

Whats remarkable? Perhaps many will say - nothing. Just coast, just a sea, just a fishing village ... Well, more stones, stands a lonely lighthouse. I rested soul. The next time realized that I was in

Ie in another country, with its customs, manners, way of life. Yes, on the shores lies a heap of small dead fishes, crabs, a couple of snakes (I hope that also dead). Yes, it does not smell all French perfume and chemical air fresheners.

There are no yachts. Even Aquabike not here. Transported to the island with the lighthouse (if you allow the sea) offer boat-trough. And not because they bullied or want to cut money for the "exotics", but because they float on them for centuries, and another way to get around the water they do not particularly want. Although there are bigger boats - painted to drive away evil spirits. But they are behind the wave and surf podoytiEA bank can not. So all the way to them - in the trough. Although progress has been reached, and here. Some troughs have become fasten motors.

Fishermans Village - this is not the market, a pair of houses, women - binders network, children who are 3 years from start to help them, the elderly. And men - leaving in the sea.

If you are not lazy and go down the shore, you can go to almost tight to the island with the lighthouse. Island from the mainland by a strip of water separates the width of 20 meters, but all studded with stones and rocks, so that the ford rather difficult to approach and drive up on the boat can only be from the open sea. How nice indescribable! Unlike many such tourist destinations - the sand here purest. Between the stones - a single piece of paper or cigarette butts.

after 30 minutes stay there - lean some alienation from the world. Laziness moves, too lazy to think. One can only sit for hours on a rock and look ahead. Perhaps it is this state is called meditation. But do not you apply to this effort, and the very nature draws you to himself.

What else is interesting that in this direction are already beginning to build hotels. But many construction projects have not been completed - are deserted bungalow. And the process of construction rather makes 2 steps back than forward one. Infrastructure no. Not what you menu in Russian - even Vietnam dives on the way we especially did not meet. So that is already open (we counted 2 pieces) hotels are completely empty ... Yes, you like this holiday is all no good. But suddenly someone wants privacy, and lack of nature around him nor the fact that the Russian-brothers, and the minimal presence in general someone. For example, I want to. No hotel for me in the least, do not pop up at any of the sites. Even mentioning about this place I have not seen. Well can not actively looking, but it only confirms that it is, but not untwisted.

So Wellcome, dear comrades. Just quietly, or anyone not speaking on their bellies. In order not to frighten away the identity of this place. A few more years, and one such place will be less, but will be one "Muin" more. Although - to each his own.

how can i find cheap airline tickets to boston Photo Competition Grand Prix Formula 1.

how can i find cheap airline tickets to boston

Photo Competition Grand Prix Formula 1. Hungaruring

Now, about why we even went to Hungary. Formula 1. The excitement of hundreds of thousands of people, passion, the roar of engines, sharp pain in the ears, malformations betting Muravina chaos of people who have some sort of meaning ...

Ill start with the fact that about Formula 1, I knew before that only one - this is just what it stands for Michael Schumacher And what is Senna. . My first question is where is the Schumacher evoked laughter, he was already retired. I had to keep silent and not ask the second question: "Show where Sennas car ...

It turned out that not infected passion and understand that either in this commotion just not possible. At Hungaruring arrived 200 thousand people. Arrived from all over Europe. There were many Germans, more Poles. In a traffic jam that formed before the arrival of the machines were almost all the rooms of the EU. (Prior to the route had to travel 30 kilometers from Budapest)

Some tracks were official pavilions teams that sold souvenirs. However, it is quite expensive. Cheapest cap costs 40 euros, T-shirts and T-shirts - from 60 euros. While off-track are completely accessible tents that sell Chinese counterparts. In the pavilions presented and fireballs commands, which could be photographed, but they quickly then zachehlili.

Tickets for the gold podium where we sat were worth 300 euros, but the ticket is not only the Grand Prix and qualifications and a bunch of different jokes that three days before the Grand Prix played out on the track

Many were very cheap tickets, at the place where almost nothing is visible, and therefore they had to stand near the fence, EFredvaritelno captured the place and staked him with a blanket. As many apparently came back to the night.

All hotels in the city were inhabited by the staff teams. Each team consists of Formula 500 specialists, engineers, attendants, etc. They migrate with the team. Some hotels around the clock were the girls who threw themselves on the team members and fotkal with them and took his autograph.

Photographers who work on the track, go with unusual bandura over his shoulder. This is a professional camera, enables you to take a car driving at a speed exceeding 300 km / h. A simple camera is very difficult to catch the car.

We sat on the stand quite close to the cars and I rashly came running in his place and becoming the pictures, I realized that I could not continue to stay there because of the roar of machinery itching ears, brain and sick. I had to run for earplugs, what would stop his ears and his companions.

Actually it was difficult to understand what is happening on the track is not well-informed person. Why then periodically 200 thousand people standing up and yelling. Well, I, too, up to heap too, jumped up and yelled. But what exactly happened on the track I have read and deal only in the Internet in the evening in the hotel. And it turned out that race was really a very dramatic and emotional.

Weve gone right after the victory Kovalainen very wisely did - the guys who stayed on the award, traveled to Budapest for 6 hours.

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